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Happy Birthday Hard Candy/Glee The Power Of Madonna is #1!!!!



Ok now I can say it....Happy Birthday Hard Candy!!!!
Poor HC, it got a lot of shit from some fans, even the ***CENSORED*** haters who said it was shit some called it "Hard Shit" I actually like that title better LOL!!
I loved this album! as soon as I heard 4 mins I immediately said "ok, this album is gonna kick ass!" and It did wooot! I liked how she brought back the whole hip hop feel to it like she did with Bedtime Stories! Yeahhh i'm a biiiig fan of hiphop/rnb hehehehe! <3
Great that she brought Timberlake, Pharrell, and timbaland in it and brought a happy feeling to me for this album! :D
And of course I loooooooove the tour! I could go on and on about it and never get sick and tired of talking about it! lol like...right now lol :D

Congrats to M! Glee The Power Of Madonna is #1!!!!! yipeeee! I'm so happy to be a gleek! lmao! ;)


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