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Christina Copies Madonna and Gaga?



Christina Aguilera Copies Madonna & Lady Gaga

 April 28, 2010 by Roberta

Another day, another new still from Christina Aguilera’s new video for “Not Myself Tonight”. She has already copied Lady Gaga and some of you have said that she did it better. *Cough* Not listening! *Cough* Anyway, she is seemingly copying Madonna now.


Christina debuted her new look from the video, which makes her look like a latex bound drag queen, trying to lick a bowl of milk. This just wreaks of Madonna’s “Express Yourself” video, doesn’t it?

Case in point:


Just sayin’. Haters please form a line to the left…

Either way, when she releases the video on Friday, we’re sure it’s going to be hot, but these photos are disturbing. You cannot say that Gaga or Madonna did not influence Christina’s ensemble in this video. I might eat my words on Friday (doubtful), but these promo shots she’s releasing all speak the truth.

Here’s a snippet of the upcoming video, to tease you:


It’s like Lady Gaga and Madonna with a little bit of Christina sprinkled on top. Hoes, get an identity already!



source: Video: Christina Aguilera ‘Not Myself Tonight’ Teaser - [2dayfm]

Read more: http://allieiswired.com/archives/2010/04/christina-aguilera-copies-madonna-lady-gaga/#ixzz0mV3w3LKJ


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