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Lady Gaga Give Me A Meal!



Lady GaGa's dangerous quest to stay thin has friends and family concerned

April 27, 1:00 PMgreydot.gifCincinnati Pop Culture Examinergreydot.gifJoann Scheffler
Lady GaGa's got a crazy new diet going on in a quest to stay thin.
Lady GaGa's got a crazy new diet going on in a quest to stay thin.
(AP Photo/Shuji Kajiyama)

Lady GaGa the pops singing hit maker of tunes such as Telephone and Poker Face has really got her friends and family worried about her health. Lady GaGa who is known for strange costumes and bizzare behavior has recently taken up some bad dieting habits in a quest to stay thin.

Those closest to Lady GaGa have stated according to Showbizspy that the singer will not eat regularfood any longer. Lady GaGa has been replacing her daily meals with a jar of baby food. This new baby food diet is extremly dangerous to Lady GaGa's health because there is no way a few jars of baby food with provide the singer with the energy or nutrional value that is required by a grown woman her age with her type of vigorous schedule.

Lady GaGa's eating habits have those closest to GaGa extremly worried about her health with them stating that she is having trouble keeping up with her high energy performances and is unable to get through an entire concert without a break or nearly collapsing on stage.Get more Lady GaGa news here.


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