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About me :)



I'm gonna ramble again sorry LOL!

*Kinda sorta in reguards from my other blog about the whole bullying bullshit, well this is sorta what else I was gonna mention*

So i'm here to say and tell you, that i'am a very nice person, I treat everyone with kindness and respect, i've never not once bitched at someone who had a say in something, i've always just let that person have their word and then let's move on. I'm not the type of person who would hurt you, or even by accident I did, I would be sorry, and admit I made a ***CENSORED*** up! Hey i'm only ***CENSORED*** human! Lol! I welcome anyone into my life, as long as your nice to me, kind, and respect me for who i'am, great! your officially a great friend of mine! but....if you rub me the wrong way and just wanna be rude and delete me off your friend list, or Facebook, well then whatever....all I was doing was being nice, and supportive, I don't know what your problem is, I was just being honest. :P
Damn there are people out there that you have that first encounter you have with them when your chatting with them you think "wow ok this person seems cool and is cool to talk to" then a few days go by you'd wanna contact that person and say hey or whatever then they're gone, and you'd think "What did I ever do to you? oh that's right...nothing" It's people who wanna be like that that wanna either not have you as a friend or keep in contact with you wheather it has to do with Facebook, or email, or whatever. ugh if your gonna delete me from your fb page you could just very nicely tell me why and then whatever your reason is fine, hey, you don't wanna be friends anymore since I just met you and you wanna be a ass about it, fine by me, come back when you've calmed down! lol that person just needs to get over it and face facts to just learn to be nice to people and respect their opinion even if you don't agree with them, it's pointless to continue arguing over it! unless it was something realllly uncalled for and inapproiate to other people then yeah it's good to argue it out and point out to that person like look, keep that shit personal and to yourself man! sometimes it can be reallllllly tiring, just saying! :P That's how I'am! If someone makes a snide remark about oh let's say Madonna i'd toss it aside and think "yeah whatever it's your opinion, i'll respect it, we both have different views about her" but then don't go attacking someone just cuz that person has a different opinion then yours. ugh forums are crazy now a days, I wonder what would of happened if I haven't stumbled across them? My life woulda been ***CENSORED*** fantastic i'm sure Lol :D
So like I said, those of you that know or have spoken to me via over the phone, email, Facebook, even here, you'd know I would never do anything dissrespectful to you, or hurt your feelings, that's not the type of friend I'am, i'm very easy going, I love to laugh, even if it's something random, I still laugh! even joking around I do that a lot it keeps me sane lol and i'm super damn sweet, and always treat people with respect. I'm a real person who likes to keep things cool and fun!  if you ***CENSORED*** and disrespect my friends then you've got issues! Lol I don't be friends with ppl who wanna bash my friends! I'm not a big fan of arguments it's like the energizer bunny, it just keeps on going and going and going! at that point you want a judge or someone to go "ORDER in the court!" lol!
but if you don't get that or can handle it then you don't have to be my friend.
So the point i'm trying to make here in this blog I HATE RUDE PEOPLE, and ppl that talk to you one minute then delete you and don't talk to you anymore fine, I have a whole shitload of other friends who love me anyway (You know who you are!Kiss so ::sticks tongue out::Tongue out lol!
*End of angry yet respectful rant*

So there ya have it, this was me being totally honest and I wanted to talk about how I felt about all this, I hope people can relate and the idiots out there that just wanna be stupid well put up or shut up! lol

Love you all! <3Kiss


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