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Glee is a piece of shit.

The first episode I tried to watch however I was appalled when there was a joke about Susan Smith made. For anyone who doesn't know who she is. She is a worthless ***CENSORED*** who drown her two children by rolling her car into a lake. Then she had the audacity to go on national televison crying and pleading with the person who kidnapped her children. She also said she was carjacked by a black man. What a great story to make a joke out of. This ***CENSORED*** left her two kids both under the age of 8 in their carseats and let them die. Then it was discovered she was cheating on her husband with a man who told her he DID NOT want children. This is a horrible tragedy where a mother commits the unspeakable thing of killing her two children, her own flesh and blood.

The children's father and entire community said at the end of the court trial that there was no justice for these little boys.

Let's make a joke about it, doesn't that sound like a good joke.

I was so disgusted and shocked that a television show would sink to a new level of shame that this was a joke. I wrote to FOX studio or whoever the ***CENSORED*** is in charge. And guess what. I didn't recieve no response, acknowledgement of any kind, Not even an email that told me to go ***CENSORED*** myself.

So that is why Glee Sux and is a piece of shit and could get raped in the ass for all I care. Oh yeah another great thing is on the new commercial that ***CENSORED*** making the comment. "i have a rape whistle" I'm sure everyone who's been raped just busts up laughing. Let me say that I lost my virginity by rape in 2000 I was 22. After that life, and my very sould was fucked. Something horrible soon after I met a guy who became my first boyfriend with my issues, letting someone in the backdoor was not just getting plowed but gave me major issues, So the way he got me was by drugging me and then fucked me up the ass. I guess that was a way to ***CENSORED*** me, this was followed by tears chaos, however I have a scar on my right hand where I punched that faggot out. And then the kicker of the story was this queer had aids and there was a chance that he could of gave that to me. Since his philosophy was "he didn't want to make love to a piece of rubber" So drugged, raped in the ass, Then the ordeal and fear of me having it. Going to get an aids test and the feeling of fear that I can't even described.

ON a good note, the test was negative and coming to realize that life ain't all honkey dorey.  

So i know alot about ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder), depression, severe depression, anxiety, crazy behavior, anger, hate, rage, therapy, psychotherapy, doctors, quacks, assholes, etc.  sadness, get the picture. But hey I'm still here and i do my best to be a good person.

So that is why Glee made me want to vomit, then hearing my favorite song, Ray Of Light played was an insult, it also made me reminisce about my wonderful experience.

So let's hear it for the #1 show in America. I sure am proud to be an american. Well I use to.

***CENSORED*** Glee right in the Ass.

Love always,

buzz or butch1977


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