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Where is the love?!



I'm gonna go off Madonna topic here LOL Sorry!
This is something that really concerns me and something that I really wish would stop!
Whatever happened to love? Whatever happened to people coming up to you in the hall at school and saying "Hey I love you man you're such a great friend" Well that doesn't seem to be happening alot in the world.
First it was cyber bullying which I think is the cruelist thing ever! Also, whatever happened to people waking up to the words "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all" Alot people can be soooo damn cruel and stupid it's sickening. I've been reading this alot in magazines and hearing it on the news, I just heard about it on the news, so I wanted to talk about it. with kids getting bullied because they're either short, ugly, too fat, dumb you name it! Some choose to ignore it I guess some just can't handle it! I had that go on in high school but it was mostly these idiot random guys come up to me and be like "Hey my friend wants to go out with you" bullshit so i'd just roll my eyes and say "whatever, no he doesn't" and then leave it at that and walk away go with my friends.
LOL originally I was gonna post this in my status on Facebook but since Facebook is sooooo damn picky with how much you write into your status you can only say so much! lol how lame! lol
Anyway just something that's been on my mind.
Thanks for listening! :D


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