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Full Moon Libra 30,3,2010



Take a look outside, feel her energy this evening and for the rest of the week. She is a powerful one this month, and this is why ---->

The Full Moon in Libra will help us open up ourselves to different types of love. To help us accept and potentially embrace the vaurious forms of love and relationships without judgement to connect and explore our personal relationships in order to expand our awareness of our own relationship needs and to help others expand their visions of love and relationships

This full moon is a powerful full moon, as indeed they have all been particularly since August of 2009, because the energies coming to your planet are indeed becoming very powerful. And this will continue, this increase in power, until we reach that solstice of 2012, that December solstice. And as always, there are specific focuses, you could say, with each of these events and so it is with this particular moon.

At 9 degrees Libra, the Sun and the Moon have both escaped the Aries point and remain alone in their opposing light. Lady opposes Lord, action assesses union, warrior greets enemy. Mars, the ruler of the Sun, sits in Leo – separating from his commonsensical sextile with Saturn. Venus, the ruler of the Moon, sits in Aries – connecting in a whimsical, creative, and daring sextile to Neptune and Chiron.

Sensitive, passionate and argument-ready should anyone cross your boundaries. Weathered the Cancer Moon cardinal cross. The Sun square Pluto and to be honest, you’re raw, and annoyed because you know that there is much more of ‘this’ to come. It is difficult to decipher which moments require aggression and which ones deserve a more passive approach. You can easily throw caution to the wind and react to every slight mishap. Alternatively, you can hide yourself away with your wounds and close down emotional intimacy.

Life can be tough here as you face the stark reality about the people in your life, your long term goals, plus the enemy factor, both past and present. Saturn is gearing to head into Virgo, and after his short spurt in Libra, his desire to strike a balance by becoming your own fairness warrior is only going to continue to grow. This Full Moon highlights the connections in the external and the emotions of the internal – where you deeply desire things to be more in your favor. It’s time to prepare just how you are going to grab this Saturn oppose Uranus influence and how you are going to change the pockets of your life where you feel repressed.

Some of you will be aware that indeed this full moon is actually a blue moon for some areas of the planet. Those who are earliest in the day, you could say, nearest the dateline experienced the last full moon on 1st March and so this moon is, you could say, a blue moon for those areas of the world; and a blue moon does indeed carry extra power, carries an extra message. And so even though only part of your planet in a sense is experiencing that blue moon, in truth the energies that it activates apply to the entire planet. So you could say it creates an additional window which is utilised for the benefit of all.

And so to the specifics of this full moon. It is coming forth in a time when you have just begun what Jeshua referred to at the recent equinox as being a conveyor belt that will carry you from that date through to the solstice of December 2012, a conveyor belt which will see much change. And he used the term conveyor belt because, in a sense humanity really has little choice about what will unfold between that date and the end of December of 2012, because what will unfold is essentially preordained. It was planned a long time ago, this period of preparation and this period of preparation is beginning in earnest. The changes that Jeshua spoke about will indeed unfold upon your planet, just as he said and nothing, I tell you all, nothing will prevent those changes from unfolding.

Those that have endeavoured to prevent this will not be allowed to prevail. They have worked long and hard. They have endeavoured on every level, in every way possible to prevent the unfolding of the inevitable and I want you to know that it will not be prevented. The preparation that is necessary will unfold upon your planet. The secrets, both of the dark and light that have been so well hidden, will be revealed. The secrets of the dark will come forth so humanity understands what abuses have been perpetrated upon you all and the secrets of the light will come forth because it is time for those to be shared with humanity.

They have been preserved by a select few since The Fall in Atlantis and carried through history until this moment, when they can now come forth. And they can come forth now because the energies present on your planet prevent these secrets being abused by the dark. They will only work for good and peace and love. They will not work if a being tries to apply them to the detriment of another. They simply will not work and this has not been true in the past. Many gave up their lives to protect these secrets. Many. And the story of some of those who did this will be part of what comes forth. It is time for humanity to understand this history, this history that has been very well buried and in many cases intentionally destroyed by those who wish to have their agenda dominate the planet.

And the purposes of the energies of this full moon are really to reinforce that conveyor belt unfolding, you could say. They bring more power to that. You could say they power up the drive system for that conveyor belt as it gets underway. They reinforce the inevitability of what is unfolding and it is why I am speaking to you in such direct terms, because you need to understand this. You need to realise what is happening. This preparation has been held back for as long as it could be so, you could say the cycle that you have been in could be followed for as long as possible and the transition from one to the next be kept as short as possible. That is the nature of how these things are handled. And so now we are in that window of transition, that window of preparation and so the conveyor belt is engaged and power is being added to the drive system with these energies from this full moon. And so it is.

The one who is coming into my awareness to give another message pertaining to this full moon is another beautiful lady of spirit, Mary Magdalene. She holds in her heart the love for her consort, Jeshua and she also holds in her heart the love for humanity. And she is here at this moment with her grace and her understanding and she smiles, because:

The world is finally lifting the cover of the dark away from its view. It is like a wave moving to the shore, clearing new channels in the sand. Sometimes new islands, pristine and beautiful and the waves move away all that has been, you might say, filtered into this Earth. It is clearing away all that does not belong here.

And with it, there is an announcement, you might say of the future. It is like a picture of the future, a picture of power and support for the human being; not only support, but a change. It is a magnificent evolutionary change for the human body, the human heart, the human soul and all of the abilities that have been buried for so long. And we on the other side of this veil can see what is coming forth and each month these energies come in and it is like a step closer to the ultimate goal, to this spiritual unfolding of human destiny.

My dear friends, it has been so long since those dark moments in Atlantis, when humanity fell to such a low, deep level. The denseness of this dimension that you find yourself in has compacted the elements, not only on the plane in which you live, but the elements of your soul abilities. It is like they are constricted in such a manner that they can’t come forth and this flower of ability is starting to open. It is springtime here in this part of the world from which I speak and the little buds are starting to open up. Flowers are starting to bloom, birds are starting to sing. It is announcement of a new season and it is so appropriate that I stand here and I give this message in the midst of this blossoming spring, because it is what these energies are like.

It is blossoming ability in the third dimension where you are presently; well most of you are there. Some are struggling forward and have energetically entered much higher levels of being, but the majority of the human race is in the third; constricted, almost bound, blinded so to speak, of the beauty of what their soul holds, of the potential of what tomorrow can bring. And in a sense you sleep. So many of you sleep, like the winter where the buds of the spring have gone underground because the snow and the ice comes; and we're in a thawing process, if you want to look at it that way, and the human psyche is starting to warm up, starting to awaken, starting to understand that their belief systems hasn't been but blinders upon their eyes and the energies are dropping away those blinders as a new light, new life is coming to your world.

Feel it. Feel it in the energies of this full moon. Feel the awakening. Feel the blessing. There is a view in this, the view of who and what you were. It is just a whisper now, but each month the tempo becomes a little stronger, a little louder until at last you have moved through the spring and you will be into the summer of the full enfoldment of your world, of those energies around you. The blinders will have fallen away and you will be victorious once more. Feel it coming into your awareness. And so it is.


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