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Lady GaGa's Melbourne Concert



 Lady GaGa's Melbourne Concert Goes Off With A Spark

24 March 2010

Lady GaGa blew her Melbourne fans away last night at her first of three shows at Rod Laver Arena.

I went to the show expecting disco sticks, crazy outfits and some dirty jokes... and left having experienced all that and more.

It appears GaGa was born to perform arena shows; with her love for grand theatrics (not to mention her musical theatre background), kitsch outfits and cheesy dancers. GaGa's concert was unlike any other concert -- it was more like musical theatre, telling the story of a group of friends in search of the Monster Ball, the greatest party on earth.

Opening up with a shadow puppet display, GaGa pumped out an extended version of her song 'Dance In The Dark' and pretty soon the entire crowd was up dancing to her smash hit number one 'Just Dance'.

In true GaGa style she had many costume changes and each one was as ridiculously bizarrsome (bizarre and awesome) as the next, ranging from the standard camel toe inducing leotard, a shiny silver triangle contraption, leather studded bra and underwear, to an amazing white feathered plastic fantastic with a train and headpiece that moved of their own accord!

PHOTOS -- See our photos from the show!

Despite all the hullabaloo over Lady G's racy show, she still embraced the rudeness and prompted the crowd to "get their d**ks out", soon followed by an hilarious and sleazy dance routine where her male dancers tugged on their enlarged appendages.

Young kids might have been a bit disturbed by a video featuring GaGa eating a bleeding heart and being repeatedly vomited on (as was I), but it certainly kept us all watching with intrigue! But proving she's not out to be a role model, GaGa said to the crowd: "There ain't nothing wrong with going to bars and getting drunk with your friends!"


GaGa's massive stage production, which included a train carriage, a grand piano converted into a car, a piano on fire, and a massive tentacled monster (my personal fave), was complemented by her 'big' sounding songs and choreographed dance moves that are easy enough for you or I to imitate.

GaGa constantly showed love to her fans (of course on the proviso that we returned the love with some life-saving cheers and claps) and said "I will never leave you. No other pop singer on this earth will love you as much as I do!"

After we'd been treated to hits like 'LoveGame', 'PokerFace', 'Telephone' and 'Paparazzi', GaGa went video game style and battled 'The Boss' (also known as the monster) with her bra and undies that shot fire, before capping it off with 'Bad Romance'.

I cannot say how much I LOVED this concert. Lady GaGa.... thank you.

Review by Kate Miller
The Take 40 Team

Were you there? Tell us what you thought of the show!

Lady GaGa live Melbourne photos

Lady GaGa live Melbourne photos


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