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Madonna moving to London to direct new movie



Madonna moving to London to direct new movie

Posted on March 23rd, 2010 by Austin

Madonna moving to London to direct new movie[HMG] – Having already been the prime suspect in some of the most critically savaged, financially disastrous motion pictures in the history of film, Madonna has now booked her return as a Director – and she’s moving to London to do it.

Less than a year after the 51-year old media moth departed the British metropolis and returned to New York, Her Madgesty has decided to reverse course and return to the UK to direct a new movie, despite the incoherent mess that was ‘Filth and Wisdom’ which she wrote and directed there back in 2008.

The new movie though, “W.E.” has some interesting subject matter.  The historical subject is Britain’s King Edward VIII, who quit the throne in 1938 to marry his love, Pennsylvania-born Wallis Simpson. Wallis was getting divorced at the time and the scandal their love affair caused was immense.

Madonna has been co-writing the script, together with Alex Keshishian who directed her in 1991’s ‘Truth or Dare.’

Ewan McGregor is due to play Edward, while Vera Farmiga [last seen in 'Up in the Air'] will be Wallis. And ‘Outriders’ star, Abbie Cornish will portray a modern-day teen obsessed by their story, “In a parallel time-line, reminiscent of Julie & Julia,” according to press reports.

Madonna will now relocate to London and live there during filming – which should take six months.

“Madge still owns her place in Marylebone and will be moving back there,” a source told the Sun. “She’s going to be filming the new movie entirely in London so it made sense to move.”

As you can imagine, ex-husband Guy Ritchie is really jazzed about this – He’ll get to see his children again;

“Guy is hoping the move will be permanent,” the source shares. “He’s desperate to get the kids over here and see them more often. Rocco’s excited about it, but Lourdes is working on how she can stay in New York.”

Personally, I’m with Lourdes – Given her mother’s track record with movies, the further away she can get from this film, the less shrapnel she risks when it bombs…


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