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2009 Icon Members' GIFT



So what is going on? Do we, those members who are/were members in 2009 even get a gift? Do we get the lithograph?

At least SOME people in 2008 got a gift, I even got two (but gave the other to another Iconer for FREE) gifts but I am concerned that the lithograph was decided by fans in 2009, we got to vote! And now are we who were fans in 2009 get this lithograph that has suddenly turned into the 2010 gift?

Does anyone know what is going on? This is typical for Icon to treat it's members, which is why I am not a member any longer. I am just on Icon Social now and do find it a lot better than all the rest of that stuff totally not worth the money for joining. That's my opinion after being a member here since Issue 7, back in the early 1990s when Marcia ran the OMFC, what this place eventually became.....

If anyone would like to add any comment whatsoever, pro  or con about this issue, please do. I welcome any feedback.

Thank you for letting me express myself, didn't repress myself. I am out for what is right and treating paying members right. I'm tired of all the lies.

Bottom Line: Do 2009 members get the lithograph too? The 2009 gift was first revealed in October 2009. Then nothing, and now it is suddenly the 2010 gift and what happened to 09?

Good night and good luck.



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