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Glee Talks Madonna, Lady Gaga and Others!



Fans of FOX's teen hit Glee flocked to Paley Fest on Saturday to see the cast and hear the buzz on what remaining season episodes will bring.

To a sold out crowd, co-creator and Executive Producer Ryan Murphy answered most of the questions and delighted audience members by confirming that Madonna will be the subject of a tribute episode. 

Murphy said,  "She [Madonna], in many ways, has been the soundtrack of my life."

Other songs to be included in the line-up include tunes by Aerosmith, Billy Joel, and at least one song by Lady Gaga. 

EP Murphy explained the show usually does not have any problem obtaining permission to use the songs it wants. 

As proof, featured songs have included hits from Neil Diamond, Lionel Richie, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. 

It's a great way to introduce music to a new generation of listeners, especially when the show offer's it's tracks to iTunes. 

Murphy also revealed,  "When we do a song on the show, the original always recharts."

Bands such as Coldplay, however, are more reticent about having others cover their hits.

Almost the entire cast of the show attended the event, though their participation was mainly to sign autographs. 

The Executive Producer did point out that many of the songs chosen are often selected by the singer's themselves.

As a special treat, fans enjoyed the screening of the April 13 episode entitled "Hello," which features music using "hello" in the lyrics such as The Doors' "Hello I love You," Lionel Richie's "Hello," Neil Diamond's "Hello Again," and The Beatles' "Hello Goodbye."

Viewed as a cultural phenomenon, Glee is an hour-long program about high school student issues and their love of singing and creating music. 


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