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Madonna, Ricky Gervais Give 'Advice' In 'Marriage Ref'



Mar 12 2010 9:36 AM EST

Madonna, Ricky Gervais Give 'Advice' In 'Marriage Ref'

Duo, with Larry David, made up panel on Jerry Seinfeld's new show.

By Jocelyn Vena


Madonna has been married and divorced twice. Larry David just recently got divorced. And Ricky Gervais, despite having been with his partner for the last 25 years, has never actually been married. Still, Jerry Seinfeld called on these three superstars to hand out marriage advice to troubled couples on his new show — on which he himself doesn't actually appear — "The Marriage Ref," hosted by comedian Tom Papa.

Each week on the show, celebrity guests dole out advice to husbands and wives who find themselves in stressful yet often humorous (to outsiders, anyway) conflicts with their spouses. On Thursday's show, one husband had a problem with his wife keeping her late husband's prosthetic leg in their closet. Gervais' reaction? "This is insane, what I just watched." David, meanwhile, wanted to pass on this couple, saying, "They're so moronic, I don't want to help them."

The panel members turned against each other at one point when faced with a couple with sex issues. Apparently the wife didn't want to have sex with her husband because of his uncleanliness. David accused Madonna of hating men, to which Madonna shot back, "No, I hate you."

Then there was the husband who let his overbearing mother have too much control in his life. "This is the Oedipus complex run amuck," David said. "He's in love with his mother; he should start sleeping with her."

Perhaps Gervais summed up the night's festivities best when he said, "This is the weirdest show I've ever been on."



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