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Lady Gaga's Telephone Video Coming Soon!



Lady GaGa’s ‘Telephone’ Video Gets Premiere Date

The wait is almost over! With anticipation now at fever pitch, it has today been confirmed that Lady GaGa and Beyonce eagerly awaited ‘Telephone’ video will have its world premiere on E! News this coming Thursday (March 11th) at 11.30pm.

Directed by John Akerlund, GaGa herself as described it as ‘a true Pop event’, stressing that it is better than the acclaimed ‘Bad Romance’ clip. Roll on Thursday!

Tidbit: Does anyone else feel the level of anticipation surrounding GaGa’s videos have not been seen since the time of Michael Jackson’s releases? It goes without saying (for a number of reasons) that no one can capture the showmanship and mystique Michael exuded, yet it’s so refreshing to see someone come close – GaGa’s videos are becoming world ‘pop culture events’…which is amazing considering how short a time she’s been ‘active’. Go GaGa! Now let’s just hope the video is indeed the business….LOL.


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