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Hope This Is NOT TRUE!



Lady Gaga feared to be headed for a meltdown

ANI, Mar 7, 2010, 01.03pm IST
Lady GaGa has been feared to be headed for a meltdown much on the lines of fellow singer Britney Spears.

The Poker Face hitmaker previously confessed the stress of her success was leaving her with “blinding headaches and blurred vision”, the Daily Star reported.

Paramedics in West Lafayette, Indiana warned the 23-year-old star against serious respiratory problems after she was forced to scrap concerts on the US leg of her Monster Ball tour following a collapse backstage.

Her close friends were concerned the pressure was taking a toll on the singer’s health and off-stage behaviour.

Pals also added Gaga was “close to the edge” after her father underwent an open heart surgery last October.

And her split from long-time boyfriend Speedy, a 31-year-old US millionaire over cheating claims was said to have not helped her condition either.

Experts warned the constant pressure could be unsettling her mentally.

Los Angeles psychotherapist Jane Martinez said: “No one can put on an act 24/7. The almost inevitable result of this action is a mental and physical breakdown somewhere down the line.”


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