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LA DA Police Wont Let MJs Security Testify to MJs Murder



To All Those who Loved Michael Jackson!

The DA of LA & the police in the investigation against Dr Conrad Murray are refusing to interview Michael Jackson's Security guards that were at his house the night he was MURDERED. The Security guards have been forced to hire an attorney in the attempt to try and make them do thier legal job to do so, so that Murray will be charged with second degree murder. The security guards witnessed Dr Murray leave Michael Jackson to die in the middle of the night and did not come back to the house until over 4 hours later. Dr Murray did not give Michael Jackson 5 different sychiatric drug sedatives throughout the night. That is a lie. He did it all at once. Any doctor knows that if you give someone 5 different sychiatric sedative drugs withing 9 hours anyway, it will cause serious brain neurological damage to that patient. Especially all at once. Then on top of that to make sure he died he gave him propofol an anesthetic for surgury which will cause a vegetable state and or death with those 5 other sedatives. Then he left him unattended and unwatched for over 4 hours. There was no defibrillater in the room to revive his heart. He was doing cpr on a bed and not on the floor? WTF?
Any doctor knows that and knows that you need monetary equipment and cant leave a patient unattended for over 4 hours.
Then Murray fled the scene again and was not at the hospital either and made the doctors at the hospital and Jermaine Jackson tell the world MJ was dead.
The DA and police are refusing to interview the security guards & let them testify cause they are witnesses to Michael's pre meditated murder. The DA and police are protecting
Dr Murray cause they are happy Michael Jackson is dead. They didn't kill him 4 years ago. He did them a favour.
If you dont want to stand for this injustice please write to
Demand to have Dr Conrad Murray arrested for Second Degree Murder and Demand the DA and police to do thier legal responible job to interview all the witnesses that night at Michael Jackson's home especially including all his security guards and use thier testimony to convict Dr Murray of second degree murder. Or there will be huge fan protests!
write letters to Taaj Malik at
and she will be printing them, collecting them, and giving them to Katherine Jackson Michael Jackson's Mother and Geraldine Hughes (Author of Redemption) or Brian Oxman ( The Jacksons family attourney) to give to the Judge in pleading to have Conrad Murray Charged with Second Degree Murder. These letters will also be displayed at the planned Jackson Museum in Gary Indiana when the trial is completed.
Thanks for your help.
Evil runneth over!
We have been stabbed in the back.
Michelle Basart
Portland Oregon USA


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