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Thank U Madonna




Thank you so much for your speech last night at the MTV awards.
Although I was crying relentlessly, it helped me so much.
I could feel Michael's hand squeezing yours and then you both squeezing mine.
Thank you.
I have never been so proud of you and never so proud to be your (Madonna) fan and Michael Jackson's fan than in that moment.
I thank God for you and Michael.  What you said gave me hope.  That you get it.
It has been so hard.  I think Michael took my heart & hope with him and  I am lost in this world now.
Thank you so much Madonna for speeking from your heart and for speaking the Truth.
For being brave enough to say what the world should hear.  I know you feel it.  The pain is so great but it helps to know we are not alone.
Michelle Basart
Fairview, Oregon


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