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Lady GaGa WILL NOT Play Madonna in New Movie



Lady GaGa to play Madonna in new movie

February 20, 5:56 PMgreydot.gifMemphis Celebrity Headlines Examinergreydot.gifRandy Aaron
Queen of Pop lady Gaga to play Madonna
Image source: AP

Lady GaGa has been compared to Madonna a lot (even though she's much better), but the comparisons will likely continue when Lady GaGa makes her acting debut in Life With My Sister Madonna, a movie directed by her brother Christopher. The movie also will also feature Adam Lambert, T.R. Knight, and Tina Fey. Would anybody in Memphis even go see this?

Madonna is definitely a great icon, but Lady GaGa really needs to keep making a name for herself. Lady GaGa playing Madonna now would be like Madonna playing Marilyn Monroe in a movie back in the 1980s .It would have been a mistake (she already did it in the music video for "Material Girl") since Madonna took years to separate herself from the Marilyn Monroe comparisons.

What do you think, readers? Do you think Lady GaGa should play Madonna? More importantly, how do you think Madonna would feel about this?


TOTAL BULLSHIT.....don't have a cow.


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