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Lady Gaga to be New American Idol Judge?



Monday February 22, 2010

Lady GaGaLADY GaGa could be American Idol’s newest judge if Simon Cowell gets his way!

Cowell — who leaves the TV talent show at the end of its current season to launch The X Factor in America — believes that Howard Stern, Elton John, Jamie Foxx and Madonna — who are rumored to be in talks to fill his shoes — wouldn’t be suitable replacements.

But the millionaire music mogul thinks GaGa would be a perfect fit for the show.

“I know Howard’s name has been in there for a while, but I’m fairly certain that there hasn’t been an approach at any time for Howard to do this show,”  Simon says.

“My advice would be to find somebody who actually knows what they’re talking about and has actually experienced success in the music business.

“I think we should have Lady Gaga. She is the most relevant pop artist in the world at the moment. I met her and she’s very smart. I like her.”


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