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I love Madonna!!



I could write a book about how much I love and adore Madonna! lol She is alot of things to me, she inspires me, she makes me wanna be a bigger and stronger person, she makes me happy every single day & it's not just her music! :) She impresses me with her amazing magic tricks she does with her exercising and how to does her thing on stage in front of millions and millions of people. When I grow up damn it I wanna be just like her! lol :D I wish I could be inside her head and know what she's thinking sometimes. She lost her mom when she was very young, I lost mine 4 years ago today :( I wish I could sit with her and we could talk about our moms together to grief but also maybe put some laughs in there god I have sooooo many stories about my mom you'd probly would want me to tell it again hehe. Ok back to Madonna, I love her way with her words with all her lyrics from her songs they can be so damn ***CENSORED*** amazing and then there would be some that would make you wanna ball your eyes out! but in a good way, that means you love her hehe. I know I haven't met the woman yet but I've always thought she is such an amazing human being, how much she's given her heart soul to our planet, from her fondation Raising Malawi, and how much she's helped and save Raising Malawi, that woman deserves a metal or hell even deserves to be in the hall of fame (She already got her R&R hall of fame glory! ;)) for all her hard work she's done for the past 27 years! :) People should be so embarrased and ashamed of themselves of all the crap they've written about in newspapers to the crapola tabloids. I hope they one day look at themselves in the mirror and say "God i'm a dumbass!" Clearly they aren't seeing what all us fans out there are seeing.

So that's my take on why I love Madonna!! :D



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