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Jesus Luz: A Fake DJ?



EXCLUSIVE: Madonna's Boy-Toy Jesus Luz Is A Fake DJ

Posted on Feb 19, 2010 @ 01:52PM  

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INF Daily

Is Madonna’s boy-toy more than just a pretty face? Well, the gorgeous model has apparently been carving out a living as a DJ, cashing in on his new found fame thanks to his highly publicized romance with the material mom. Reviews of his DJ sets have not been kind, on the whole, with many people questioning his talent, and now RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal that Jesus Luz hasn’t been using any talent – instead he’s just playing pre-mixed CDs and not doing any real, live DJing at all!

And, according to a well placed club insider it’s no big secret to those in the know – but Jesus continues to get the gigs purely because of his connection to one of the world’s biggest superstars.

The insider tells Radaronline.com exclusively, "Jesus can't DJ.  He has absolutely no idea how to mix music and has absolutely no DJ skills at all. He totally fakes it. 

“Jesus plays pre-mixed CDs and just pretends as if he’s mixing. The crazy thing is that he doesn’t even have the up-to-date equipment!”

The insider tells RadarOnline.com that Jesus gets paid large sums of money for his DJ gigs, and as Madonna's significant other, he has become in high demand. 

The source continues, "A lot of  people know he can't really DJ, so his fee is then significantly reduced, to, like, $1000.  Not everyone knows though, so the people who don't know will pay him crazy amounts, like up to $10,000!

“A lot of the clubs in Miami are onto him, so that's where he gets the $1000.  They don't care though, because it's Jesus Luz, Madonna's boyfriend, and they care more about that than his actual DJ skills.

“He gets hired to play at a lot of high profile private parties though, and for those, he gets paid the $10,000 rate.  These people have no idea he's faking it, so they are more than happy to pay him this rate. The funny thing is that Madonna has no idea he can't even mix, and he has no plans on telling her.  He's just happy he's getting the work and the status."



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