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Hope For Haiti Now Hands Out $35 Million



 Hope For Haiti Now Hands Out $35 Million to Organizations Helping Island Nation

Updated 8:30 PM EST, Wed, Feb 17, 2010

Dozens of celebrities ranging from Justin Timberlake to Julia Roberts banded together earlier this month to take part in a telethon to aid the people of the earthquake-ravaged island of Haiti — and the results were stellar. Millions of dollars were raised in the telethon, and with money continuing to come in, Hope For Haiti Now is making no secret of where the aid is going.

According to the Hope For Haiti Now Web site, $35 million has already been distributed, given out on February 5 to around half a dozen well-known charitable organizations working on the ground to bring relief and help rebuild the lives of needy Haitians.

OXFAM America was given $8 million to help fund the organization's efforts to build systems for clean water and sanitation. The group is also using the money to aid in the delivery of shelter and relief supplies and to help with establishing pathways for food security, housing and land issues, according to the Web site.

Partners In Health was given $8 million to aid in helping the group with emergency medical assistance and supplies. The organization is also working to strengthen the public health system and provide rehabilitation, social support and help to the Haitians.

The American Red Cross was given $6 million for emergency shelter and other items to vulnerable families, including those led by women, disabled people, elderly Haitians and more.

Child-targeted UNICEF was given $6 million to help with their work protecting children, to stop or address family separations. The organization will also use the funds to help their work at preventing child exploitation and trafficking.

The United Nations World Food Programme received $6 million to assist with distributing food to vulnerable earthquake victims over the next six months.

Wyclef Jean's YELE Haiti Foundation received $1 million to help with aid delivery and recovery efforts.

The Hope For Haiti Now group plans to make one or two more donation installments. It is expected that the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund will receive monies at a later date


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