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http://www.surrogatemotherhoodonline.com/content/risks-surrogate-motherhood Wink Be informed! 

risks of surrogate motherhood

A woman must fully comprehend what it means to be a surrogate mother. She needs to know what her body will go through, what the couple she is working for will expect of her while she is carrying their child and what the risks are in all of this. A woman may enjoy the idea of being pregnant and carrying a child but she must think of the risks of surrogate motherhood before she embarks on such a long journey.

One of the risks involved in surrogate motherhood is the pregnancy itself. A natural pregnancy is dangerous; let alone an artificial one. Complications happen that can’t always be avoided. It is simple fate that may lead you to miscarry, or acquire health problems from the pregnancy. Though using a surrogate motherhood agency is the safest way to go, no one can promise you that there will be no complications.

Control is one of the psychological risks of surrogate motherhood. This aspect of surrogacy entails the “my body, my baby” struggle that occurs between surrogates and their couples. Couples, having a larger and more permanent stake in the health and well being of both the child and surrogate, tend to want to overstep their bounds of advice and suggestions. After all, they feel that it is their responsibility to make sure the surrogate eats and lives healthy in order for them to receive a healthy child. Surrogates may feel this added attention and advising is too restrictive and, especially if they have had previous pregnancies and childbirth experiences and already know what to expect and do. Also, should medical issues arise during the term of the pregnancy, the question is that of who has the right to decide the route of treatment.

When you get into surrogate motherhood, you become business partners with the parents of the child for the duration of the pregnancy. There is no backing out. If the couple that you chose turns out to be mean or irresponsible, you are stuck with them until the baby is born. This is especially dangerous if you are not using a surrogate agency. If the couple skips town, you won’t be taken care of and will be stuck with a baby to raise.

People talk about the pure joy of having a baby inside you and going through a pregnancy, does that end when the baby is born? When that baby comes out and you see him or her for the first time, is your heart going to be able to handle it when the baby is taken from you? After going through the pregnancy and bonding with the little being inside of you, can you just let it go? You won’t have a choice. It will be taken from you. Prepare your heart for this. It may be the hardest part of surrogate motherhood.

Surrogate motherhood can be a joy and a blessing for some people. Those people should embrace it and enjoy it. Just because someone else likes something and can handle it, doesn’t mean that you can. Research the risks before getting into it.


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