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DAVID's message to his friends



Hello ICONers,

Today my account has been removed from ICON,David (Physical_attraction) and I didn’t get any explanation for that or the opportunity to explain myself. Even if I get a clue: of adding an unreleased song here yesterday or part of great unrealsed show.

If this is the point, I’m very sad for ICON…I understand why but “ain’t no big deal”, there are thousands of unreleased photos/videos/songs here. WHY ME?

Anyway, I am very disappointed and more than that very sad for not being part anymore of what I call my family. I had so much laugh and great times with all of u. I met great hearts and lovely people that I can call FRIENDS.

I am sooooo sad but I do not have any anger, this is out of my principles and beliefs. Je suis désolé but I’ll not create a new account, you’ll understand why.

I’m going to miss u all sooo much. I’ll probably meet u again on other forums all around the world and I really hope so.

If you want to keep contact with me, please ask my e-mail address to SUGARLO (I love u babe)

Madonna I always loved u and I’ll til the end. You are my inspiration…you thrill me…you put me in a trance.

Don’t be sad for me there are much more URGENT matters in life than this…watch the Haiti Telethon tonight and help our brothers and sisters who really need our help !!!

Love, Light and Power to all of you

David (Physical_attraction) 


I'm posting this on behalf of David who did not have the chance to say goodbye to his friends here on Icon.



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