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Happy Birthday ASP!



About 1 year ago, Miss Fitz (from USA) and Iliana (from Greece) stumbled upon each other at a Madonna forum… but they didn’t talk about Madonna’s recent (at that time) divorce or her latest Louis Vuitton ad campaign… they talked about Madonna’s purple sparkle custom Gibson SG and Monte Pittman’s white Orange amps!

Excited with the fact that Madonna fans who: 1) look up to Monte’s kick ass solos in “Heartbeat” and “Burning Up“  2)  drool over Marcus Brown’s all-white Confessions Tour keyboards and  3) jam “Hung Up” with their guitars– do exist, they decided that they had to do something to bring them all together!

With the power of technology, a couple of weeks and hundreds of emails later, they proudly presented to the internet world THIS very site! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Axe-Static_Process!!!! It’s been an amazing year!

We would like to send HUGE thank you’s to:

***Madonna for entertaining us with her music and inspiring us in soooo many ways!

***Monte Pittman for rocking his soul out and for his support to our site! His references mean the world to us! Thank you so much Montster!

***Nicki Richards for her unbelievable positive energy that always shares with us! And for the best bubble-tweets that exist!!!!

***Ric’key Pageot for being the sweetest guy that he is and responding to our axe-static requests by sending an axe-clusive photo of his tour gear!

***Stuart Price, Adam Lambert, Kevin Antunes, Brian Frasier Moore, Marcus Brown, Steve Sidelnyk, Donna De Lory, Kylie Dean, Niki Harris, DJ Enferno for all the M-U-S-I-C!!

and last but not least, thank you to ALL OF YOU who have been checking out our site!!!!

Get ready for another axe-iting and full of surprises year to come!!!

*Sarah & Iliana*



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