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Q: What is the chart position of this Madonna album/single?
Please check our Charts page. For Madonna's current chart activity, please check our chart news and chart runs pages.

Q: How many albums/singles has she released? What are the lyrics of her songs?
Please check our discography section: albums & songs.

Q: What is Madonna's record label?
For 25 years, Madonna released her albums under Warner Brothers Records. In 2007, she decided not to renew her contract and she signed a 360° contract worth $120 million with Live Nation for the next 10 years. The contract includes 3 studio albums and 4 tours (the first being the Sticky & Sweet Tour). Since Live Nation is not a regular record label, the distribution of her albums coudl still happen in collaboration with Warner.
With former manager Freddie DeMann she created the label Maverick (co-owned by Warner) and signed artists like Alanis Morissette and The Prodigy. In 2004, Madonna was bought out of Maverick after a Warner lawsuit, which was also a sign for the upcoming split with her label.

Q: Who is Madonna's manager?
Madonna is currently managed by Guy Oseary. Past managers were Freddie DeMann (1983-1997), Caresse Henry (1991-2004) and Angela Becker (2004-2008).

Q: How and when did Madonna's musical career start?
Madonna arrived in New York City in the late 70s. After several small jobs (among which serving in Dunkin' Donuts and nude modelling) and playing in some bands (the Breakfast Club and Emmy & The Emmies), she landed her first single Everybody in 1982 under Sire Records.

Q: Where does Madonna live?
Since her divorce is settled, Madonna lives back in New York City. She also has houses in LA and London. (Please don't ask for her address because we prefer to respect her privacy).

Q: Is Madonna married? Does she have any children?
In November 2008, Madonna divorced British film director Guy Ritchie, to whom she was married since December 2000. She was married once before, to actor Sean Penn, from August 1985 till January 1989.
Madonna has two biological and two adopted children: Lourdes Maria, also called Lola (born October 14, 1996; father is her former lover and fitness trainer Carlos Leon), Rocco (born August 11, 2000; father is ex-husband Guy Ritchie), David (born 2005 in Malawi; father is Yihane Banda; adopted by Madonna and Guy in 2006) and Chifundo -Mercy- James (born 2005 in Malawi; father is James Kambewa; adopted by Madonna in 2009).

Q: What are the names of Madonna's parents? Does she have any brothers or sisters?
Her father (of Italian origin) is Sylvio -Tony- Ciccone. Her mother (of French-Canadian origin) is Madonna Fortin. They had 3 sons (Martin, Anthony, Christopher) and 3 daughters (Madonna, Paula, Jennifer). Madonna's mother died when Madonna was 5 years old. Her father remarried with the former housekeeper Joan Gustavson, with whom he had two more children: Mario and Melanie.

Q: What is Madonna's real name?
Her birth name is Madonna Louise Ciccone. She added the name Veronica at 12y. Her child nickname was (Little) Nonnie. Her Kabbalah name is Esther. During her marriage to Guy Ritchie, she often called herself Mrs. Ritchie. Guy himself called her 'the Missus'. Collaborators often refer to her as 'M'. Finally, the British press calls her Madge (or Her Madgesty) but she's not too fond of that nickname.

Q: When was Madonna born?
Madonna was born on August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan.


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