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How you can make you life better...



By getting rid of the negativity and the negative people in your life. Not just their negativity and themeselves, but what they have given you...cause in the end, any remotely thing associated with negativity, will be negative on you...

Even though, I have been given an illness(treatable and to take my meds), my life has become more clearer, more heaven sent, more enjoyable, more better. And all the things that I have hoped,wanted, dreamed and desired are starting to come into my life...


My children, my significant others, and the friends that I have in my life, I am forever grateful.


My life has not only becme better, but it is starting to become GRAND!


Couldn't ask for anything better.



In understanding ourselves, we embrace the Universe; and in the contemplating the universe, we find our innermost self.-so says the Tree of Life







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