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Young fans, you've got to forget the critics and learn to forgive others.



When Madonna performed in Helsinki on August 2009, I had many discussions with her fans on the spot. I find it interesting that there are different levels among the fans. I remember thinking few years ago that I am the greatest Madonna fan ever in Finland, but unfortunately I still didn't know what I was talking about. I still don't. No one does. People qualify the word "fan" in different ways. On Icon Madonna site someone listed the features the most addicted Madonna should have:

- You must have the standard, deluxe, vinyl, double vinyl, mexian promo dj only import etc of any new record, single or release

- People ring you when Walmart has red wool/string on sale (Kabbalah-thing)

- When you walk into 2nd hand record shops, the owner automatically knows to show you all the new Madonna arrivals

- Your whole "coming out to your family dinner", was synchronized to M's best ballads, starting with "You'll See", "Live To Tell" and ending with "Gone"

- We hate Sandra Bernhard, Sean Penn, Guy Ritchie, Warren Beatty & Christopher Ciccone, but we love Gwyneth Paltrow, Rosie O'Donnell, Liz Smith and Stella McCartne

- You end very sms, email & letter with "Love & Light" or, " )I( "

- You sit up in bed and argue with your boyfriend as to why (your queen) Madonna is soooo much better than (his queen) Janet

- No one in your family appreciates their "Raising Malawi" sponsorship gift certificate in their Christmas Stockings

- You thought "Who's That Girl" was a classic, "Swept Away" was all Guy's fault and "TNBT" was really good (LOL!!!)

- You want to father your f@g hags child, just so you can call it Madonna, Rocco or Lourdes and have "Like a Prayer" playing at the Baptism

I cut some listings off, because I thought it was too long and I don't want people to get tired with it. However, the list sounds like a disease to me! I guess I am not even half infected... I have made a list from A to G on how people (=my friends) should act when I go to see Madonna concert or see something M related (such as her handprints in London). I want to share the list, because I know it makes people laugh, but actually I am serious with it. I know may look funny as I spend hours sitting on someone's handprints or walking back and forth in front of a random gym. Here we go: A) No extra talk in needed - one should choose her/his words strictly, B) I need my own space - one should not come too close, C) I need time, D) one shouldn't touch anything without my permission, E) one shouldn't ask to move to another place, F) one shouldn't take pictures of the target without my permission, G) one shouldn't comment my moves/what I do/how I act on the spot. There is one person who has followed my orders without failing and that is my best friend. My boyfriend is always rushing from one place to another... He doesn't get that spending-time-in-front-of-a-gym-in-London thing as we could be doing something cooler... I get that point too, but...

Anyway, now when I look myself back in the time I can wonder there were people who thought "she doesn't know what she's talking about" or "she still hasn't reached this/that level". I got this feeling in Helsinki that I know something that someone doesn't. I guess someone judges me now as an egoist, but this is just my opinion and feeling. I was not saying that I am high and respect me... I know it is hard to begin to idolize and admire someone/something deeply, because people don't take you seriously.

I am the admin of a Madonna group on a Finnish Facebook-like site called IRC-Galleria. There are over 1000 people in the group and surprisingly the youngest members (from 13 to 15 years) are keeping the discussions rolling. There was a small fight about why people don't take the young fans seriously. I don't know whether to be for or against. I guess I am not either. I understand the both views. Young fans are full of enthusiasm and the older fans are keeping it sort of... discreet. I don't know how to describe it, because all M fans are full of enthusiasm. Well I guess the older fans are having their M discussions elsewhere, because neither I do think the IRC-Galleria is the best place to share knowledge and enthusiasm. There are much better sites to talk about Madonna than a web-page that is not completely devoted to Madonna.

(See this texts also in my blog on http://madonna-addicted.blogspot.com )

M in Helsinki



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