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No video for Revolver according to Guy Oseary



Guy Oseary discussed Madonna's appereance on David Latterman Show with the fans on his Twitter page last night, and also answered some questions about her next projects. Unluckily it's all bad news!

First, we find out that footage from the new performances from the 2009 leg of the Sticky & Sweet Tour won't be included in the DVD...

mfacco - "hey Guy. Will the new performances from the 2009 S&S tour be included on the DVD too?"

guyoseary - "no.. it wont be included as it was done after we shot and edited the dvd.. but we did shoot the additional songs in Israel.."

guyoseary - "we are trying to find a way to get them to the fans.. We have to edit the footage first and then decide how it gets to your hands.."

...then, it seems like no video will be shot for Revolver

rashellyy - "Will there be a video for revolver???"

guyoseary - "don't think so.."


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