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Madonna's interview with Ryan Seacrest



Madonna called in at KIIS FM earlier today for an interview with Ryan Seacrest, where she revealed some juicy details about her life, her music, and her future projects.

You can listen to the whole interview here. Here are instead some highlights from the interview.

Ryan: Are you single or are you dating someone?
Madonna: I am dating
R: How many people?
M: One!

Madonna had to play a game in which she had to guess her own song by listening to a short snippet.
M: I get them all mixed up!

M: I just finished writing a script and I'm trying to get finances and casting for it, believe it or not
R: What's the film?
M: It's called "We". It's a love story. Two parallel love stories, and it's told from a woman's point of view obviously. One is a historical story that took place with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and the other is a story I made up of a couple in New York.

M: I'm happy to be back in America, I'm happy to be living in New York. I feel good, I feel like I've adapted to my new life.

R: What happened to the castle? (the manor she and Guy Ritchie bought in England while married)
M: I had to give that away...Now I'm living in a shoe box in Central Park West.
R: What has changed about your life? You kinda get to be a little bit more selfish?
M: Mmm, I don't know, it's hard to be selfish with four kids. But I feel like I have more choice about where to go, about holidays and the fun hours.
R: How is this gonna affect your music and stuff in the future?
M: It's gonna get better 'cause I'm happier

R: You did look sexy with that look last night (on David Letterman Show)
M: How old are you?
R: 34
M: What sign are you?
R: Capricorn
M: Honey you're kinda old for me!
R: WHAT?? How young do you like?
M: Well, you have to be old enough to dress yourself
R: How does a younger guy make you happy?
M: Younger people are generally more adventurous, they're more open, more fun. I mean, have you met any guys my age? They're either married or divorced, and like fat and bolding
R: Do you like hot, young and low body fat?
M: Yeah, I do

M: It's 8.30 (am), this is my workout time, so I'm sacrificing my workout to talk to you. I hope you appreciate that.
R: Your schedule is part of your job right?
M: It is, my body is, you know, part of my job. If I'm not in good shape, then how can I dance around on stage with my butt hanging?! I look in the mirror and go "mmm, more work less cake."
R: What really is the program? You're in the gym for two hours a day, is that true?
M: Generally yeah, I am. Fortunately my gym is upstairs so I don't have to go very far and waste time travelling
R: Does this Tracy Anderson train you?
M: She used to. I try different workout programs. I take trainers with me when I travel and make sure that there's a gym in the hotel

R: How many houses do you have?
M: Three. One in London, one in New York, one in L.A.
R: Are there boys in each house?
M: WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM?? Don't confuse my professional image with my personal image. I'm a one-man woman.

R: How many tracks are on your album? (the Celebration greatest hits)
M: Are you asking me?!
R: Do you know how many number one's you've got?
M: No...I'm not a statistic person

R: I was at your show. Did you know Jennifer Lopez was there?
M: Yeah, I was getting like super sharp looks from her. Her pony tail distracted me. When an artist comes to see my show I always see they're studying me. They're watching in a different way.

R: You saw what Kanye West did at the MTV Awards?
M: Yeah, he's a bit impulsive. He needs to put a lid on it.
R: And you gave a heartfelt speech
M: It was my tribute to Michael Jackson. I was very clear about what I had to say. I was anxious for an opportunity to say it, even though Van Toffler (president of MTV U.S.) wasn't keen on me doing it, I think he was worried about my being too serious.


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