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it's been a while



finally i have some time to come here and read through want u guys have been writing and look at the picture youve added... my past few weeks have been so busy and i have had really almost no spare time except for sleeping. have had some time to just pop in and quickly read some posts but not really comment on anything and share my thoughts..


I'm really happy right now because for three weeks ago i got the chance to make a solo dance for a compition and i've been working on that too. it has been really interesting and fun to this point. now i'm having a break from so that a have the time to digest the material and next week we will start finetuning the piece. YEY!


another gr8 thing is that i've got my new celebration cd and the GH...I've been listening to it at all times, when ever it has been possible. LOVE it! My friend also got the dvd so now i'm waiting that i will get it to my and then wathc it over an over..unfortunately i couldn't buy them both..but trusting on my friend that she will let me see it.. :D

have been reading into what kind of parties people have had all over the world now that thecds out and its a pity that we don't have anything like that in finland. maybe some day. but i bet everyone that has had a chance to attend those parties has had a excellent time. it isn't fair to live so far away from places where these thing happen.  but no that i have become o iconner of course i now have the opportunity to be a part of it all in a way through u guys and thats amazing!

but tomorrow is nice day bacause i'm going to my friends wedding..all of our team mates are coming so i bet it will be a fantastic party and i'm looking forward to seeing everybody because its been a while due to my studies...


M to the A

have a really nice weekend!




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