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Celebrating Broken Records with Madonna



All of us want to have some sort of worth while we take a stroll on this Rock.

Being inspired by artist like Madonna. I am looking inwards to see how I can walk her walk and break daily personal records of achievement with my own creative activities. We all have birth potentials and obtaining these potentials is all about pushing your boundaries.

The message I find the most in her music and the reason I do connect with her so much is that life is about moving forward and growing with your experience. We must have hope that perseverance does pays in obtaining personal goals of grace. 

On Sunday I photograph 1 of 2 Weddings I was contracted to do over the weekend. On my first cut of both weddings I was well over 600 unique images and the second was the largest coverage of the summer with 843 unique images that were worth a second look on the final edit.

In my work I am using Madonnas example to re-event how I cover an event that has a non-stop until you drop work load that a Wedding has.

Quality Music and Photography both are enduring in their pursuit to share the self expression of the artist and spectator. A great artist is the collective soul of the mass. When we partake in Madonna's Flame we are in agreement that her message of self expression connects with our burning need to be alive with our hearts so we are not making our way in time like a bunch of Zombies.

Her success is gained from a "if we fail we must learn quickly why we failed and try again" philosophy.

With every wedding I am working to pick up my pace to produce as close to perfect as possible package image for image. I prefer not to work with to many presets and generally enjoy to build as custom selection of images as possible. The idea is I constantly look for a way to re-event myself in my current image. This way my last works on this "Rock" will be greater than my first. 

Today I am looking to brake my editing record and work to have my latest wedding posted and fully edited under 72 hours of the wedding date. My current Goal is achieve a 2000 next to perfect images a week for whatever event I am covering.

I will be editing all day to to my new Celebration Remixes EP download from itunes...

Have you ever listen to one Madonna Album one day Non-Stop?

I could possible listen to Ray of Light and Confessions a week Non-Stop.

What Can I Say? Her music has a lot drive. When you have to move through a lot of tedious work that is very solitary plus creative in nature its nice to know there is someone like Madonna to help you with a positive message to keep you going along your journey.






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