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Thanks for read-only-access to Old Boards!



One of my previous post said "I'm a little bit angry that we've lost everything; not only the profile information but all discussion threads from before. We do pay for this and we should be able to get history data and read former discussions."
I got really happy when I saw the link to "Old Boards (Read-Only)" yesterday. :-)
Thank you so much for this Icon!!

So maybe Icon is working on the issues we're discussing...but nobody knows if you don't get information.
Why can't the icon staff or administrators send us all important information like this in an official e-mail. Or setup an information page with just updates and status from them.

Wish everyone a nice weekend. Smile


PS One of my most important issues is why I still don't have the "legacy member" status here, I've been it for years... I really do want to be able to buy tickets in forehand as before.


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