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La Isla Bonita 16 years later



My alltime favorite song is la isla bonita, i was 5 years old when i first heard this on my dads bootleg Madonna cassette. and i remember rewinding it over and over again till my dad finally just made a single cassette with this song on it like 6 times so i wouldnt have to rewind it so much. I cant believe that im almost 21 years old and when i play this song i still have to sit there and sing and listen and always rewind it, well just play it back. It boggles my mind and my families that i still have this insane passion and love for this song and this woman. anytime anywhere that this song is playing i either have to stand and listen or friends and family will text me to tell me they just heard it at old navy or a restaurant lols.. i know you guys wont find it weird  thats why i love ICON and everyone here, we all have the same passion for her and her music, i mean when i first heard this song live i just began to cry ! and everytime i think of that memory at confessions I cry, my friends dont understand but i can still remember sitting on my bed with my cassette and a bright yellow walkman, listening to this song and wondering who is this woman !!!!!! .. 16 years later and my love for it is still as strong...insanity !!!!!



oh by the way today i met nicole miller..how awesome !!!!!!!!!!!


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