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the never ending nightmare story)



The Never Ending Nightmare:





 was November 17th, 1994, in a town called Wendover, in England, when Maggie was cooking dinner for her two little children: Ben and Brittany. They were really happy to be there, at their new house, because months ago, they had survived from a very tough and serious situation: Maggie’s husband had left their house in London, after hitting her and the children, leaving them lying there on the floor, wounded almost to death. Luckily, Mrs. Williams, the woman next door, who had heard the noises, called the Police, and that was the reason why, Connor, Maggie’s husband, had run away from the house in order not to be caught.


The police and the Social Services Department helped Maggie and her kids to get the situation over, and found them a new life in Wendover. But what they didn’t know was that the worst hadn’t happened yet. That night, Maggie was cooking dinner and the children were watching TV. Suddenly, a noise was heard, one like when a glass is breaking. They got really scared, and as Maggie was walking through the dinning-room, someone stroke her on the back and caught her:


-         Don’t you dare move.  A man’s voice said.

-         I won’t, but please don’t hurt my children; just tell me what you want. Said Maggie in a very weak voice.

-         Too late. He said; we’ve taken them away, and you will never see them again unless you go and change the testimony against your husband. Said he, pointing his gun right in her head.

-         I can’t do that, everything he did to me and the children it’s true. Claimed Maggie.

-         You must do that, if you don’t we’ll kill your children, and we are not moved by the fact that they’re little. He said.

-         I won’t do that; I’ll just call the police and let them know about this, so that they handle the theme carefully. Said Maggie, almost sobbing.

-         You won’t do that: we’ll kill them all the same if we get the cops. He said, letting her go away.



Nothing was known of the children for days, they had been taken away from Wendover, up to the countryside. They hadn’t eaten for two days, because of their bad behaviour. They had been crying, begging the men to take them with their mother. But they wouldn’t do that.


In the third day, the men told them this:


-         You now had been kidnapped, trapped and tied, with your mouth and eyes covered. Now, if you promise to behave good, and not telling anybody about us, we’ll remove the cloth from your eyes.

-         Ok? He said.

-         The children nodded.

-         Okay, first, I’ll take the handkerchief out of your mouth, and then, the one on your eyes, but you must have your eyes closed until I say you can open them. Said he.

-         He did that, and then he said:

-         And now you can open your eyes.


And they saw that one of the kidnapper’s face: it was their step-father, there he was again to torture them and frighten them. They were so shocked that they couldn’t do or say anything.

-         Your mother, he said, was told to change her testimony against me, but she hadn’t done that yet, so we’ll wait 2 more days, and if she doesn’t, you’ll never see her again. Said he.

-          I want my mummy, said Brittany crying.

-         Well, baby, you won’t see her unless she does that. Connor said.

-         Now, you will be given some food. End of the conversation. He said.


One more day had passed , when Maggie, who was so desperate about finding her children, decided to change the testimony. She told the Police that what had happened in London was not true, that she had invented all those stories. She also said that the injuries they found were cause of an accident they had had in the house and that they screamed begging for help, and that her husband went out to get an ambulance. The next day, her children went back home, with her mother, and her now ex husband was absolved from the case.





                                                                           The End.







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