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Celebration Pt1: My take on "Madonna - the album"



The Celebration compilation CD is coming out soon, so I thought it would be cool to post my take on every Madonna album thats been released. Thats why Part 1 is: "Madonna" - the album

I love the album as a whole, these days I consider it to be too short with just 8 songs even though 3 tracks are over the 6 minute mark I think, but with her latest albums havin 11 to 14 tracks it does make a difference.

What I love about the album is that it has the fresh Madonna, new sound, voice, its so simple yet so likeable and danceable. Its also one of Madonnas most cohesive albums in my opinion.

It also has the ability to take me back in time when I was 13-14 and Borderline would play non stop on radio and TV, it was my favorite song at the moment for yrs to come.

I gotta say theres not one song I dont like from this album. I have to say that I believe "I know it" is underrated by fans, I luv this song but never hear anyone talk about it...

My top 2 tracks are Borderline and Holiday, but the rest are very close. This album is very special to me and one of the first I ever owned :)



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