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Courgettes, blood-sucking insects and paint



As I write my face is deflating - an hour ago I looked as though I had an egg on the side of my forehead and my eye was closed. This is what you get for growing courgettes in a garden inhabited by every malicious and hungry insect known to man. If it pinches, bites or sucks blood it lives outside our back door. It took hours for it to get this bad (I should have slapped on antiseptic the second I felt that gentle tickle) so I woke up looking like this. Never mind, the courgettes were terrific cooked in a casserole with chicken, onions and tomatoes, served with rice.

Otherwise, things are in a chaotic state at Casa Oxeye Daisy as we are redecorating. At the moment it’s the bedroom so all our clothes, well, OK, all my clothes and the relatively small number he owns are crammed into plastic crates where we can find them quickly. Or not so quickly as it turns out. It has taken us about 18 years to get around to redecorating this particular room so a few days isn’t really a problem. Jones the (late) cat really hated it when we disturbed his routine so we did this sort of thing as little as possible. I am delighted that I managed to get the room I use as a place for making things sorted out within two weeks as it was stuffed full of things and dealing with it resembled a military operation. Not quite finished yet, pictures to put up (including one of M) but getting there.

Loved the Benny Benassi remix of the new track, “Celebration”, and can’t wait to see the accompanying video.


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