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Are you a pervert?



Whenever I say I'm a fan of Madonna, many people in Korea goes, "Are you a pervert? Why Madonna?"

I don't know why people always bring out that sort of streotype whenever they hear the name "Madonna" Wait, I think I can guess. People still think about Madonna singing "Like a Virgin" in a white dress in the 80's...20 YEARS AGO!!

Let me just confess somthing here though. I love having sex. Safe-sex, of course. Who doesn't eh? I find myself in scenes quite often, but I don't think it makes a pervert right? I think I'm just sexually a bit more liberal than many of my own people here in Korea. (Considering, I've been living in Toronto since high school !) Most of my friends get red-face as apple when they see Madonna's performance..or even when I ask them to check out a sex store. It doesn't mean they are not interested in sex or something, they just pretend they are not..but NO! They are just all liars eh?

I think I'm not a pervert. I'm just being a bit more liberal than my friends, especially when it comes to sex.

A message to my friends: Express yourself ! I know what you want inside. Let's make a confession guys haha


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