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My madonna fan fics!



So I decided to write my own madonna fics! Don't worry no violence coming from this chick!


This is my most recent one:


Obsessed! 20951830[info]rachlicious26 July 20th, 15:30
Current Mood: wink.gif giggly Current Music: Ray of light-M

Setting: London; 2009 After arriving back from Malawi
M, Guy and the kids arrive back in London, bringing Mercy home to her new lap of luxury. Madonna simply cannot smiling and is beaming like a kid who's hawked up on ice cream! M and Guy walk inside. M puts Mercy down and she watches her. Mercy just starts looking around the room and sees everything from paintings to pictures of Rocco and Lola, and David. Mercy sees a pic of David and points at his picture.
"Me!" she says. 
M claps her hands and says "Yes sweetie, that's you! That's your big brother David!" 
Rocco, David and Lola come into the living room. Mercy looks at Rocco.
"Boy!" she says.
Rocco giggles 
"Yeah and i'm bigger than you!" he says.
M laughs
"Very good! And whos that baby?" m says while pointing her finger at lola.
Mercy looks at Lola.
"Me! Girl!"
She sees David and goes over and gives david a hug. 
"Oh I think she understands now!" M says.
"Hey Mercy, wanna go play with my dolls?" Lola asks. 
Mercy smiles,
"Ok!" Mercy says.
Mercy and Lola are in her room. Mercy sees a stack of all of Lola's old toys from when she was a baby or around Mercy's age. She spots one of Lola's bears and brings it over.
"Oh you want teddy to join in? ok!" Lola says.
Lola and Mercy decide to have a mini tea party with all her dolls.
Later, Lola, Mercy, David, and Rocco go out to fly some kites. Lola shows Mercy how to hold it. Mercy is just giggling along. Rocco and David are running around like a bunch of crazies! M is watching her children and remembers that's how her childhood was when her mom was around. Guy comes up behind her and kisses her shoulder.
"Hey baby, how's Mercy been doing?" Guy asks.
M smiles.
"Wonderfully! I think she's familiar and comfortable with the kids. Oh, she did the cutest thing; She gave David a hug! Can you believe that? Isn't that so sweet?" Madonna gushes.
Guy smiles.
"Yeah, that's adorable! Hey, could I maybe get some alone time with Mercy since I haven't really gotten a chance to really bond with her like you have? I know we did with David and look how amazing he's become!"
"Yeah, of course! I think you and Mercy will get along perfectly!"
Guy beamingly smiles.
"Great! I think I'll take Mercy out to park so she can experice the joy of London!"
"Oh, Hyde Park, she'll love it! I know Roccs, David and Lola do!"
When the kids were done playing, they all came running toward M and Guy.
"Hey, you guys, was that fun?"
"Yeah!," they yell.
As Guy watches them, he sees David and does the hulk move. 
David and Guy both go "grrrr!"
Guy laughs and pats David on the head and says "Ok, run along now!"
"That was fun!" David says.
Guy and Mercy head off. 
M tells Rocco, David and Lola to go hang with her Dad in Michigan for a little bit. David starts to jump up and down.
"YAY!!!" David squeals
"Yay, I've missed grandpa!" Lola says 
"Me too!" Rocco exclaims
"Just don't allow my dad to give you 3 any of wine!" Madonna jokes.
The children laugh and M sends the 3 of them off to her father's house.
Mercy and Guy are walking around the park. Guy is holding her hand and watching her look at everything. At one moment Mercy looks up at Guy and smiles. 
"Mercy, you wanna play the airplane game?"
Mercy nods her head. Guy picks her up and starts twirling her around, up and down.
Mercy is giggling the whole time and shouts out "Weeeeeeee!"
Guy starts to run a little bit.
"Oh no were going down!" Guys says as he dips her and slowly brings her back up in the air.
Mercy is still giggling and Guy puts her down. Mercy starts running around laughing. Guy sits on a bench and just watches her. Mercy comes running back and runs into his knee. 
"Woah! Hey little scrapper! You having fun?" Guy asks, smiling. 
"Yes!," Mercy says in squeaky pitch. 
Guy laughs.
"You wanna get some ice cream?" Guy asks
Mercy starts jumping up and down all excited.
"Ok, lets go then!" Guy says putting her on his shoulders.
They walk on over

"Guy and mercy return home" mercy is still giggling away
Guy goes upstairs carrying mercy on his back

guy whispers "hey sweetie you want me to read you a bedtime story?"
Mercy throws her hands up and says "Yeah!"

Guy laughs
"Shhh we gotta be quiet your brothers and sister are asleep"
mercy giggles and puts her finger up to her mouth
Guy says "alright little one let's get you ready for bed"
Guy helps mercy change into her pj's
Guy smiles and thinks how happy he is to be a dad again.Guy puts out a variety of books to show mercy.
"Ok hon which one?" guy says
"dat one" mercy says while grinning
"'I love you forever' it is" guy says
Guy starts reading the story to mercy, mercy is all snuggles up against guy. M comes into the room and just watches guy reading to mercy m starts to cry
Guy looks up and says "oh hey mommy, I didn't even hear you come in!"
M walks over and kisses mercy on the cheek
"hey sweetheart did you have fun with daddy today" m says
"Yeah! it was fun!" mercy says all cheerful

Guy kisses madonna's lips sweetly
"I missed you all day" guy says
"aw baby" m says
"i'm so happy you and mercy have come together and bonded so well she loves you" m says with a smile
"Yeah she's an amazing talented little girl" guy says
Madonna hears her phone ring
"Hold that thought" m says
She picks up her phone to see who it is, the name popped up saying malawi.She thought it was the man that helped her finalize her adoption with mercy.M answers
"Hello?" M says
"Hello madonna?" a guy responds
"Yes this is she" m says

"Hello madonna it's ,James Kawemba, mercy's dad" calling
M reacts all happy
"Oh hello! so great of you to call and hear from you" m says
"You are calling a little late though don't ya think, it is 10pm here" m says
"Yes i'm so sorry for calling you so late tonight" he says
"I just wanna know how my daughter is doing, is she enjoying herself? is she bonding her new siblings?"
"Yes yes very greatly in fact" m says

"Oh that's so wonderful!" he says
"Yes she's really been enjoying herself here I think she's gotten used to the atmosphere here in the UK" m says
"Oh i'm so delighted she's gotten used to everything! I thought she was gonna be scared" james says with a laugh

M laughs
"Not when she's got me" m says with a grin
"Well this is happy news i'm glad she's doing wonderfully"
"Yeah i'll keep you updated with everything she's been doing" m says
"Ok great give her a big kiss and a hug for me please"
"I most certainly will do that" m says

"And again sorry for the late call"
"It's ok i'm used to it" m says with a laugh
"Good night madonna" he says
"Good night, james" m says

M heads back over to mercy's room and says "well that was a refreshing phone conversation"
Guy and mercy are playing with one of her dolls. guy plays along with his voice all high like a girl
"But no princess buttercup I don't wanna clean the cupboards again I'm tired of being your slave" guy says all cute
Mercy gigles, M laughs
"Who was on the phone love?" guy says
"that was Mercy's father"
"Really?" guy says
"Yes I know" m says
"Why was he calling so late?" guy says
I don't know but he was in a awfully cheerful mood m says"

Well i'll take that as a good thing guy says"
"He said he was just checking to see how mercy is settling in" m says
"Oh well that was nice of him to call then" guy says
"I told him i'll keep him up to date with how mercy has been doing" m says
"Ok sounds good" guy says
Guy looks at mercy, who starts to get sleepy and lays her head down on her bed. Guy takes her doll and puts it back in the basket.
Guy says good night to mercy. mercy gives guy a big hug. guy kisses her on the forehead.
"Good night little rascal" guy says
M tucks mercy in and kisses her on the cheek
"Good night sweet angel" m says


M and guy head off into their room m turns on the light

she goes to put her glasses on to read one of her books

guy gets in the bed and gets under the covers


"I'm really impressed how quick mercy is adapting to London. I actually thought it would freak her out a bit  compared to when she was living in malawi guy says"

"I know. and she seems to already love this home like she's been living here since the day she was born m says"
"You should of seen how cute she was running around the park! just adorable! guy says" 
"Awwww m says" 
"and I missed that? damn! m says"

"You know i'm surprised how much better we've been getting along. have you noticed? m says"

"Yes as a matter of fact you've been awfully nice to me for the past few days since Mercy came here guy says with a chuckle" 

"Ah so you have noticed! m says seductively"

M brushes her lips up against his he kisses her then quickly pulls back

"woah woah woah hang on what's this? what are you doing? what are we doing? guy says all panicy"

Oh god calm down you big ape! all I did was kiss you! it's not the end of the world m says with a laugh"

"Yeah but I mean were not married anymore and I don't know...that just felt kinda werid since we haven't really been physical since the divoce guy says"

"Ok well why don't we do something about it then m says to guy while playfully pushing him onto the bed"

"Come here guy says"
m gets on top of him and kisses him passionately and very deeply while running her hands through his hair and on his chest


"mmmmm I forgot how such a tasty kisser you are m says while licking her lips and licking his"

"and I forgot how beautiful smell! guy says while biting her ear"


Lots of moaning and grutting going on between m and guy

in between moans m says

"oh I love you"

"I love you so much guy says"

guy rolls her off he gets on top of her and starts caressing her breasts and kisses her lips while gently biting them

m says "oh guy you ***CENSORED*** animal!"

Rawwwwwwwr! guy yells out"

as guy puts his into her he goes real deep into her m starts to moan constantly

guy kisses her from her sweaty stomach all the way down to her legs

as they finish they roll to their side of the bed both panting


" omg! m says"

"Oh..my....god guy says"

"***CENSORED*** guy! I don't think we've ever fucked that great since the day of our wedding night! m says with a grin while still panting"


"Youre are ***CENSORED*** amazing! guy says while still panting"

m and guy look at each other and smile


"Hey...wanna go take a shower? m says with a wink"

Oh god yes guys says while quickly getting up while still nude"

End of part 1


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