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Being an Iconer in Korea



I'm a proud Iconer, even though I joined only a year ago.

However, it doesn't mean I've been Madonna's fan only for a year, I've been her fanatic fan since 1997. Though, the early encounterment happened in the late 80's and the early 90's when my mum put 'Like a Virgin' and 'Material Girl' in her car. At that time, I guess many people were well aware about Madonna. There even was a female singer in Korea named Kim Wan-Sun, who danced exactly like Madonna, and whose music cleary resemble that of Madonna's.

Though, at this very moment, it's not an easy job to be an Iconer in Korea. (I'm not sure about other parts of Asia) It's not even like when I say I'm a fan of Madonna, people goes like "Are you gay?" It's more like.."Isn't she dead already?"

I'm a proud Iconer. I don't care what my people talk about her or talk about me being a fan of her in Korea. As long as I know, I've got thousands of thousands of friends around the globe who shares the same interest and love in Madonna.

I'm very happy to be an Iconer, and I'm very glad to get to know everyone!

I love you all !!! Cool


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