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Music Today



Now i know im only 21 but i dont get the new artists that have been coming out.

I really dont understand the whole lady gaga thing- the songs are catchy and their fun to listen to but her whole schtick is weird. I understand that you have to stand out and get noticed but i think its kind of ridiculous and not genuine - shes like a mixture of a wannabe 80s madonna and 90s howard stern [who i love <3]  and all these rnb and "rap" stars that just keep talking about the same thing over and over again- money,girls and sex. its like PLEASEEEE discuss a new topic- what happened to the biggies and the tupacs.. its like theirs not realness in music anymore.  My ipod is super outdated, I stick with the good oldies- good melodies and lyrics.


I dont know but im sure im not the only one that thinks that music right now is really sh-tty


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