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Eclipse in Cancer



Eclipse in Cancer

This eclipse occurs at 29°27' of Cancer, the sign of the Crab, in trine to Uranus, the prehistoric sky god whose union with the Earth Mother produced life as we know it. Uranus is known for his erratic behaviour, producing outcomes that are unorthodox or unexpected...


The solar eclipse occupies the final degree of Cancer, a degree of fate, but also a degree of willpower, independence and egotism. This eclipse occurs conjunct the Fixed Stars, Procyon and Pollux, a Behenian Fixed Star in Canis Minor used anciently for magickal purposes! This is on the Cancer side, but on the Leo side (as the last degree of Cancer is right next to the first degree of Leo), the eclipse is applying to the conjunction with The Aselli, a nebulous cluster in the first decan of Leo, a warning to all. The Asselli stimulate death by fever, fire, hanging, beheading, or violent catastrophe, ruin, disgrace, wounds, hurts to face, eye trouble, blindness, imprisonment and great changes in society! They do have their good side, but usually through the military, or through the exploits of an heroic leader. We should note that the Sun occupies a fairly large chunk of the ecliptic and when any planet or star is within 8½ degrees of the centre of the Sun, its influence is weakened, or diminished due to the phenomenon of Combustion. Perhaps that reduces the ill-effects and helps with the magickal workings, though Pollux is known as the "Heartless Judge" despite being the immortal twin. Astrology and the occult in general are stimulated by this eclipse, so take heed and consult your favourite astrologer.

Castor and Pollux are known in Indian Jyotish astrology as Punarvasu, the Return of the Light. The Moon in this asterism is considered fortunate, with strong inner resources and an ability to bounce back from difficulties. The energy is philosophical, religious, spiritual, likeable, charming and forgiving. People born under this star are inclined to be idealistic, honest and truthful, valuing family and the home. The Moon passes through Punarvasu in the leadup to the moment of greatest eclipse, then passes into nourishing Pushya, encouraging the growth of wealth, of service to others and the underprivileged. The symbolism moves from the growth-filled potential of Jupiter to the steady, structural influence of Saturn in this process. These asterisms are all located close to the ecliptic, so are occulted by the eclipse. This tends to reduce their positive functions and emphasise the less positive notions connected with them


Like the January 09 Solar Eclipse, this one activates President Obama's natal Jupiter (fortune; expansion) in Aquarius, but this eclipse is not so favourable, being in tight opposition to his Jupiter, over which is passing the Moon's North Node. Transiting Mars (action; passion; warfare) is rising in his Washington chart, conjunct his natal Moon and applying to the trine to his natal Sun. He may well be inclined to grandiose gestures that make good sound-bites, but create more trouble further down the track. The trine to his Sun however suggests that he will weather the storm and emerge in full sail with banners unfurled and fluttering in the solar wind. Other major players may not be so lucky, especially those concerned with domestic and family issues. Money too will be a big concern, as Sun and Moon in the last degree of Cancer will pull this into sharp focus.

Solar eclipses don't often pass over populated areas, but when they do, as in this case, they appear to have significant disruptive effects on the people and nations concerned (e.g., economic or political crises, civil unrest). Afghanistan, Pakistan, North India, and East Asia contain many flashpoints, so let us pray that no big flareups occur. Solar Eclipses also seem either to trigger or amplify natural events in the regions they affect (e.g., severe weather, earthquakes). Whether this effect is an astrological one or not, is a moot point, though recent scientific work on the effects of the Moon on earthquakes and other terrestrial phenomena is interesting. No doubt they would hasten to deny any astrological effect! See my article on Moon Wobbles. The eclipse being in Cancer means that people with Cardinal signs (Cancer; Libra; Capricorn; Aries) featured in their birthcharts are more likely to be affected. The next eclipse of the Sun will be on January 15th, 2010.


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