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Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse: July 21-22 View Chart

“This is the second New Moon in Cancer in 2009, and it forms an extremely tight solar eclipse. These unusual double New Moons with one eclipsed really gets our attention. The Summer Solstice occurs when the Sun moves into 0 degrees Cancer, which inspires us to seek nurturance and security amidst pleasant summer days and nights. This year, with two New Moons in Cancer, these Solstice themes are quadrupled for the whole summer. During the first New Moon in Cancer (as well as during the Solstice Sun), Pluto in Capricorn was in close opposition to the lunation. Now, during this eclipse, Pluto quincunxes the second New Moon in Cancer, causing some of us to feel cold tentacles reaching up from the underworld to steal away our precious security-just like Pluto snatched Persephone from her mother and took her into Hades.

This feeling of the darkness nipping at the edges of the light began during the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on July 7, which strongly activated the 15- degree Cancer/Capricorn axis. Yet, the light seems to be so strong now-signaled by the first significant solar flare of Solar Cycle 24, the next cycle of sunspots. Now that the light is waning in the Northern Latitudes, it is wise to recall that the underworld is a source of great power, support, and mystery. Notice, for example, the nuclear accord (ruled by Pluto) that Obama and the Russians accomplished during the July 7th eclipse.

The major theme this spring and summer is the Triple Conjunction-Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius-that was trined by the first New Moon in Cancer on June 22. I have been noticing that many people are actually feeling how personal healing and contact with higher dimensions are essential for their wellbeing. Now, during such a close solar eclipse, the second Cancer New Moon forms an approaching quincunx to the Triple Conjunction. This quincunx-plus the quincunx from Pluto (which actually is a wide Yod to the Triple Conjunction-will push you to actualize your own healing and multidimensional access, which is a sharp and challenging process. Then during the New Moon in Leo on August 20, the New Moon will oppose the Triple conjunction, which will release its powers totally. This arrival of the Wounded Healer with expanded spiritual access is an unrelenting force now. If you feel overwhelmed by this opening, talk to others about it because everybody is feeling this opening.

This solar eclipse, exactly conjunct the lunar South Node, is the most intense one of the last 100 years, and its aspects suggest we are attaining multidimensional consciousness at the species level. We are realizing that cellular and ancestral healing-homeostasis-is the true source of our security on Earth and in the universe. In general, maximal intuitional access is ours during total solar eclipses, when the intuitive Moon obscures the egoic Sun and healing knowledge arises from within. In order to imagine how this works out amidst the potency of the Triple Conjunction, let’s look at what happened during the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 7, when the agendas and issues of the New Moon in Cancer on June 22 were visible. Remember, during the Summer Solstice and these Cancer New Moons, our desire is security and nurturance.

When the Moon was full in Capricorn on July 6/7, how we can garner security came forth: While a billion people were hypnotized by the Michael Jackson Memorial Service, the Russians and the Americans achieved a nuclear arsenal reduction accord, as well as made agreements on how to deal effectively with Iran and with the missile shield that Bush/Cheney tried to locate close to Russian soil. If the missile shield is not built in this critical location, the “Star Wars” system will never be built, which would prevent our reentry into Universe Society during AD 2011. [see Exopolitics by Alfred Lambrement Webre.] Renewed hope came to the planet, while Michael Jackson’s sad death shone a spotlight on the big health scandal-legal drugging of the people that is killing tens of thousands every year.

During Full Moons (in this case Cancer/Capricorn), the shadow natures of the two signs battle each other, and this forces us to see the truth about the issues that come up. Jackson is not the only one who got a heavy dose. Political forces in the US were conspiring to force taxpayers to pay more of their own resources to fund medicine-for-profit, just when the cultural icon was visibly murdered by pharmaceuticals! The shadow side of Cancer is neediness and the desire for too much pleasure, played out by Michael Jackson, while the shadow side of Capricorn is too much control and the desire to have all the power, played out by the doctor. When the Full Moon comes on and our emotions spill out of their normal boundaries, there are always some who are distressed and go too far. Meanwhile, those who observe the shadow with respect are often gifted with great revelations. During these two full months of emphasis on Cancer’s themes, Capricorn has tended to lash out, bully, and try to take over, as can be seen in the demonstrations in Iran and China. I hope a few of you wondered why there were no such demonstrations in the US in 2000 and 2004 when the American election was rigged for Bush/Cheney?

During this July 7th Capricorn lunar eclipse, the earthy potency of Capricorn also melded with Cancer’s watery wisdom. Possibly the most insecure and childish star of all time-Michael Jackson-was shoved in our faces just when the Restart Button-world peace-got pushed! Astrology and the timing of the Mayan Calendar suggest that Neverland is gone and the world has turned from war to peace. This is the significant turn because of the time-acceleration correspondence between Day Six of the Galactic Underworld and the Day Sixes of the Planetary and National Underworlds. [see Clow, The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind.] Using Day Six comparisons, we can look for the central themes and likely outcomes for issues we are processing now. July 2009 corresponds with 1966-68 of the Planetary, when the counterculture in America was demonstrating for civil rights, the end of war, and the right to a Summer of Love. The corresponding time during the National Underworld is 1090-1150, when Europe consolidated and created the early medieval breakthrough. If the 2009 nuclear accords hold through the New Moon and possibly more advances are achieved (such as a public announcement that the Americans will drop the missile shield), we may be witnessing the end of the nuclear stalemate. This could bring more peace to Earth and finally free our precious elemental powers so that we can use them ethically.

This complex of two New Moons in Cancer right after the Summer Solstice, with the July Full Moon and the second New Moon eclipsed, seems to be drawing great light to our planet. I feel like we have just passed beyond a major danger point, which Obama showed symbolically. Obama took his wife and children with him to Moscow, Italy, and Africa-an action that says, “We are not living in fear.” I cannot remember any American president before taking his children to Russia and Africa. Looking at events during this moment, there are concrete signs of a great shift on our planet away from depression, discouragement, and weakness in the face of evil. Of course, the number of people who are terrified that the world is coming to an end -primary catastrophobia- is increasing as the light intensifies. For example, some people advocate that some of this summer’s exquisite crop circles warn that the “12th Planet”, “Wormwood”, or the “Second Sun” are arriving, which they say will affect Earth’s rotation. If you are groveling in fear this summer, perhaps you should read a wonderful eco-thriller, The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. The Pleiadians have often said that they admire our species because we survive on hope alone. Well, I think it is time to attain courage, the highest vibration of the human heart, even greater than unconditional love.

In the middle of this great turning, Uranus in Pisces went retrograde on June 30 just before the Full Moon in Capricorn, and this retrograde is of great significance. As mentioned in the June 22 New Moon analysis, Uranus T-squared the New Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, which was the warning shot for the coming seven squares of Uranus in Pluto in 2010-14. Uranus retrograde on June 30 moved the escalating Uranus/Pluto revolution into the inside of our consciousness, temporarily out of the outer field. This is a big deal because you may have suddenly felt like your spring equinox intentions got tanked June 30, but they have merely gone deep inside so they can grow roots. Trust your inner process, because it is what creates the world out there. As 3D reality seems to be crumbling, the inner edifice you are building this summer is your real security.

Let’s go back to the New Moon chart and note that during this amazingly close solar eclipse, the quincunx from the Triple Conjunction pushes us to create effective vehicles for our security and nurturance. The separating quincunx from Pluto in Capricorn pushes us to reorganize primary systems on deep levels. Right now, you may feel like just tearing up and destroying old things that are not working anymore. Yet, the best guide right now is actually Jupiter conjunct Chiron, which is exact around twelve hours after the New Moon. This conjunction suggests: our power lies in the conscious expansion of our healing powers within what we are already doing in the world. Once this is integrated, it will be easy to discard old dysfunctional patterns. Of course, the Triple Conjunction is hammering that truth deep into our souls, so this is a matter of being more intentional and consciously choosing our own nurturing path. Jupiter was conjunct Neptune on July 10, when I detected some very high angelic beings coming to Earth, and I could hear some very high musical tones: something magical is happening! It is as if we are becoming more sensitive to the whole solar system as Earth responds to it. I think this is the case; people seems to be responding more and more strongly to astrological transits, which is a sign of becoming a self-reflective species-the Omega Point as described by Teilhard de Chardin.

Hours before this potent solar eclipse, Venus in 18 Gemini exactly squares Saturn in Virgo, which calls attention to the great alchemy we are creating on the planet this summer. Venus in an Air sign, squaring Saturn in Earth, can make you feel like this Earth project is too tough, too daunting, that the feminine support we need so much is “not there”. But it is during the Cancer Solar Eclipse! So, Venus square Saturn moves to its higher potential, which calls us to be strong and receptive in spite of ourselves. The exact Venus-square-Saturn occurs just before the eclipse, so before the New Moon, it would be wise to do some work on the parts of your inner being that drag you backward into feelings of inadequacy, of being under-appreciated. Just let that negative self-judgment go and breathe in as the power of the New Moon builds. Focus your mind intently on the great power of the Triple Conjunction as it sextiles Pluto while forming a wide Yod to the New Moon. Since Jupiter conjuncts Chiron a few hours after the eclipse, then the glorious expansion of our healing powers can dominate the collective field if we’ve paid heed to our personal dragons. Considering Michael Jackson’s murder by legal drugs, perhaps this hideous scandal will shed new light on the allopathic insurance scam.

Uranus went retrograde June 30 at 27 Pisces, and now the New Moon trines Uranus. This sympathetic and watery trine suggests that transformation is moving within now, and that there will be less crazy and rapid change on the outside until Uranus goes direct in December. The level of inner transformation could be very intense because Saturn in Virgo is moving into an opposition to Uranus in Pisces in mid-September, when we will all feel like we are being heated up to a boil. For now, because Uranus is retrograde, outside events may not show signs of great change for a little while. But, transformation is coming with the Saturn/Uranus oppositions in the fall, when major changes will be very apparent.

During the First Cancer New Moon on June 22, I noted that Uranus (which was still in direct motion) T-squared the New Moon opposite Pluto, and I suggested that the energy of the coming Uranus/Pluto squares was going to begin to be palpable. When Uranus turned retrograde July 1, how did you feel? Were you feeling nervous, apprehensive, and a bit gloomy? I was, and so I looked ahead a bit, and noticed that this current Uranus retrograde is the last one before Uranus goes into Aries in 2010, the beginning of a whole new cycle of transformation of our selves and culture. The Piscean party is just about over, but we will be wallowing in good old sensitive and empathic Pisces for a little while longer. Then when Uranus goes direct in early December, gentleness dissipates; and when Uranus goes into Aries in late May 2010, we will be molding aggressive new forms and identities.

Many of you may have heard about the coming “Cardinal Climax” in 2010 just before the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2011? Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries (all cardinal signs) will be forming squares and oppositions that will anneal and reconstitute individuals, economies, and societies. I will be discussing this climax a lot in the coming months. Here I just want to emphasize that the Uranus-retrograde period to early December, and then the period before Uranus goes into Aries, are good times to intentionally pursue your work on personal and societal spiritual mastery. This is needed because whatever we have developed spiritually since 1927 will be completing now. This is multi-generational, so much of what we’ve learned in our families and cultures could be lost if this work is not adequately valued. The degree to which you understand the various facets of your own spiritual development is the degree to which they can mature and develop for 84 years starting next year! When Uranus goes into Aries every 84 years, layers of unvalued spiritual mastery can dissolve as economies and systems crash. This actually happened as we entered the Great Depression, when the popularity of Spiritualism was lost and people were so depressed by the lingering effects of World War I.

Lastly, Mars in 7 Gemini sextiles Mercury in 8 Leo, which means our personal energy will be in synchronicity with our thoughts; we will feel competent and effective during this potent solar eclipse.


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