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How many Icon Magazines am I owed?



Hi all - instead of posting this in the forum, I thought I would put it in a blog, and see what happens...

After a weeks worth of issues trying to get access to the new website, now that I am in - I am not really sure I like the new website.

First of all, I am old, and the text is too small.  I can change it on my computer, but what a drag.

Second, who's idea is it to use white text on a black background?  Doesn't this bother your eyes?  Maybe it is my fault for doing most of my website visits in the middle of the night - but my eyes are bugged by the color scheme.  I usually highlight the text so that I can read it. 

Third - what is the story with the points?  And why do I not have my Platnium status?  Will this Platnium status help me in the future, or is it really a moot point?

And finally - I have received 5 Digital Magazines...

47 - May 07 (H&M Cover), 48 - Dec 07 (Aritake Cover), 49 - Aug 08 (Hard Candy Cover), 50 - Mar 09 (Give It To Me Cover), 51 - May 09 (W Mag Cover).

From my calculations - I believe I am still owed 3 since the 07 change to 4 digital per year.  Is this correct?  Am I missing any others?  My account ends on August 10th - if I choose not to renew, how do I get the access to those additionaly 3 magazines?  I get the feeling Icon will ALWAYS owe us magazines...   They should just send us all a T-Shirt, and cut their losses.  Oh wait, they did that - and forgot the period.  LOL

Thanks for reading.  Have a great night!


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