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Life Is Madonna! Like it or Not



August,,,, I long as so many others for a new Madonna tour

at least to see her new film

i admire Madonna for her work in Malawia and I wish i could give more


Lots of love to you Madonna friends








31of May

I notice the atmosphere have changed at Icon since I joined here 2008

In i a way I  dislike

One of my few closest friends and one of the persons who have been member longest time at Icon some treat bad

I wonder why?

Some invisible people with some strange power

My friend is strong,,,,

So " like it or not"





March 2010

Madonna.. We miss the tour.

We miss being together and singing

The world is crazy and so much problems

We try to help

We try to be informed and do great things for each other

And we must also celebrate the positive around us

How do we do that?



I do not know

The sun is beginning to come back into my soul

Love you !!






What to sing? Singing in the rain ? Or Like it or not ?

Or both?

Or "Oh father"?




Sunday blues,, Soon Christmas,,, shall we celebrate and how?





some days I can hear Like or not thpusand of times

Over and over

I need it

I need to be strong

I need to dance

I need to fight so  noone can push me down

It is hard

Do anyone feel the same?




8 of September

A friend told me that my topic att of topic could  be misunderstood as rude

I wrote something more to explain and hope all who know me know that really not want  or have intentions to be rude!

I want us all to be a  happy  family

An united World






Some days I have no control

Feel nervous and shaky

This day was such

And some days are golden but  so few



31 of August



A close friend gave my birthdaypresent today!!!!! 

And I notice another gentleman and  an Icon Star will leave Icon

So deeply sad

Some Iconers are stars who twinkle


29 of august

sunday, reflection,,,,


sunny weather



28 of August

good moments are like  diamonds

Seldom ,rare and those are the happiness in the life




27 of August

My father sick again

My mother cry

And  beg me to pray

I pray and 

I think there is a God somewhere?



wonder how Madonna eat or do to make her body always fit



25 of August

Pain in my body

But Ellen at Youtube mad me laugh when she was BFF one day with Paris Hilton

I do not know  how to put into Icon as i am still too stupid in computer and tecnics




23 of August

Stormy weather in my soul

Hold me




22 pf August


Want to do so much,, 

And I am soo tired

Madonna save my mood





21 0f August






i have finally started to do my  dancing again

and of course to Madonna






20 of August





Love from Sweden,,,,,





11 of August

Home from Gothenburg and Madonna

Sad feeling inside

I wanted to stay and see next in Copenhagen





6 of august

After 2 hours expansive calls from Sweden to Us I am back!!!

Is this a dream??!!!!!






28 of July

I became angry reading Newspaper in Sweden as the focus only at critic at how Madonna looks alike!She comes soon to Sweden and why can they not write something that makes her feeling welcome?I think Madonna knows very well how to handle her body. I became angry and was nearly trying to write to the newsparer.

I bought some good Vinyl Madonna today,,Japanese,,

hope you feel great Iconers!!You are the best






27 of July,,

Good morning Iconers!!

I posted some photos of Gothenburg in where Madonna will be 8 and 9 of August,,

I hope you will comment more at my blog?

I know i soon will go to Gothenburg,,Less than two weeks,,,

Hard to realize,,








26 of July




i hate Sundays! I do and today i listen to all madonna songs and count the days to I will go to Gothenburg and hear Madonna!

I do not know what you do when you are bored but I do everything and sometimes nothing. I often see if my friends at Icon are here so we can talk or at Facebook.'

Between Sweden and US are time differences so when i am awake you  in US sleep..

Listen to Heatbeat and long,,,,,,,,


Te Quiero mi amiga and MWAH!!!!!To all my friends here


Evening in Sweden,, Have just written at Kel blog, I miss you Kel,, So so much,,

i need my few close friends ,, Kel,, Barb,, Marijo ,,,

I need friends to keep me alive'

Love is so complicated,,

A Icon friend told me i look Tired at my photo?,,I hope that is not so?

Well if so that is as I seldom laugh,,






25 of July


Some days i wonder if I can become shoppingalcoholic? I think most women are that!

I have far too much control to become that

But I hate the middlesize towns like Uppsala. Same streets and same people. I long to bigger as New York  and Paris . I feel bored. I must have challenges all the time.

Typical Swedish Saturday. Shops closed . weather good .

Ohh,, Forgive me for being so totally  boring but I want to share my mood with you every day . at least i am honest.


A boring shy swede,...........






24 of July

One of those days when life feels like it was taken of a book in where you do not know how the murder is.

So i listened at Heartbeat ,,Madonna to feel alive

Saw at internet a great photo of Madonna with her signatur and I thought about the thought of buy it.

But I do not know? I must be careful as Madonna in Gothenburg is soon. Only two weeks until I go there.

How I longed the long months since I got my ticket

In Sweden is summer and people are free but here is financiel cris so people shop instead of going at expansive travels abroad

i listen to " silent moment",,,,, A silent song in my mind,,,,,,,,

Take care Iconers!! You are the best! We are the best!!

And to my new friend in France from Icon  I say :Je Taime France !And To my Iconfriend in Mexiko I say: Te quiero!!

And to you other I say: Mwah!!I love you






"23 Juli

swedish night,,, Your afternoon in  US. Some days are not good. Some days I just want to hide in my bed,,

Well,  The  good thing today is I was and bought some good Vinyl Madonna today.

And  the man in the store asked me for help as he had one very exclusive Vinyl LP Madonna from Venezuela that if that was as he thought  that was worth much money so he could not sold it until he knew the value of it.

I promised him to ask at Board  here at Icon and started a thread about it and I hope you read it and  try to help him. I told him the experts about Madonna was here.

I hope you are feeling great Iconers!!!






22 of July

I ordered a rather cheap book from our swedish Ebay  and got it today. "Michael Jackson "The man in the mirror"

It is a pocketbook from 1992 and inside the book it was a half of a consert ticket from 92 , Wembley  Stadium

It felt like MJ thought of me and a magic feeling.

Noone has read the book. I noticed that .

I notice also people try to sell  the newspapers that told he was dead and how awful can people become ? Trying to make money  at his death?

Here is rainy and one day closer to Madnna in August,,,, I long ,, I count the days

Kisses to my close friends at Icon,, you know  who you are... I love , love you from my heart

Life is up and down as i said.. a close friend is going to see his mother die,,,

Life is so sensitive,,

I bought Madonna things today and that mad my day,,,

Take care Iconers ,, let us be sweet to each other as we  usually are









21 of July


Sweden has rainy and cold weather and i hope the Swedish weather gets better until 8 and 9 of August so Madonna will get lovely weather. sweden has strange weather and mostly cold so we count the few days with sun

Here media scare us with Swin flue and  I become worried and wonder if i can trust media ? If i shall trust media a big part of the Swedish society will get sick in this.

Many from US are here and stddy at University and I think Uppsala University are one of famous University in world .

I have not listen to Madonna today. Have not had the time as I need calm around me to be able to listen. I want only positiv energy to Madonna music

Take care!!







"0 of July

Monday but not Monday blues for me as I am still at vacation even i do  spare money to Gothenburg and MADONN!!!!

By the way do anyone know a song by Madonna that is a kind of monday Blues+

i notice often when i write that I forgot what i was going to write about- a comic feeling to loose the words. i have written all my life and I guess I should have worked as Journalist and not as Psychologist that i do now. even i do it only part time

I uploaded som photos of New york. and that is because my dream is to one day stay in New York and feel wow!!I ,, I am FINALLY here.. The New York Madonna begun her carrier!The city in where I can be myself and meet sooo many different types of people..







19 of July

Iconers.. welcome to a Sunday morning

Today I listened To "mothers and Fathers" and it mad me think of my  father and mother.

My father was a hard man and i was afraid of him. Today  he is very sick and at hospital and not so hard anymore and i have forgiven him and feel lovewonder what songs you have in your hearts today

Just listened to a DVD "Queen of Pop". If you have not seen it do that!!!Amazing about Madonna





18 of July





Good morning from Sweden

I like the night so I was talking,,, and reading too late

How are you folks?


write more when I have eaten

now I have taken a long long walk in the forrest around here. It is too hot to walk but i did

In a way I hate to walk long if it is not in shopping streets but I need to walk I gueess. Maybe I should had my Ipod with me as music always make me more in good mood but i guess i have danced instead..Lol

I listen to many Madonna songs. My problem is I have problem remember names at the songs.

i wun a competition in sweden and the song I talked about was one of the sad songs of Madonna and I did that because I myself had breastcancer ten years ago. I survived. I got a second chance.

There fore Like it not is one of my faorites







18 of July

Sweden has night. Here is ten to one in night.I am myself very very comic lazy bad in Geography so I thought many may not KNOW where  Sweden exist and where at the map and photos

So Look at Photos at board and see Sweden and Gothenburg

Take care of yourself and see you tomorrow







I notice in the dark Swedish night that Icon is a form av Society in where I can find all sorts of people. Most lovely, kind,tender,true friends , but also more scaring people . Persons who has values that make me a bit sadn as they easy can get power in wrong way over other.

Persons who must control other and push other down.

They exist everywhere .

I want my blog to reflect my thoughts and daily minds about everything.

Madonna is of course the reason why we all are at Madonna Icon. anyway I hope most are her fans .

But we discuss also deeper other issues and play funny games.

It is both sun and rain as in nature





I love to write as I have my own blog with another address

But here at Icon it is a danger to blog as I never know what computerfun thing that happens?Lol

I put a photo from Sweden at board as so few know about Sweden

We have sooo much more than only ABBA and Volvo,,

And soon Madonna is coming,,,,,,,,,,,,and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGG




First MJ and then Accident in  France

My father  seriously sick. Life is up and down

And without my dear close friends at Madonna Icon I would not be so strong

Thanks!!You know how you are!!!!








Is anything wrong with my Mac Laptop ? Or my brain??I publish my Photos and they are not able to see under photos! I do lots of things and notice nothing!I really do not care about points but I want to see for myself if it shows my activity.



Feel angry to be honest at Icon tonight

I do much  here but noone  can see what i do,

I am invisible.

Ought to laugh at it but i am too stubborn and need things to function

Maybe i am a controlfreak?Lol




I am elizabeth1 and most call me Lizzie

16 July

Just heard the news about the accident in France

No words . Only feeling


It is so tragic so what to say?

All we can do is to pray for those people

And to all fans who should been there At Sunday looking forward





Evening Sweden 15 of July

I am surpriced . I know from my friends in US that they usually meet other Iconers and have a party and fun 

And they usually write at Icon what date and  name so they can decide how to meet

Madonna has not been in Sweden for a long long time and to get her Want to come back it would be great to show Her that we meet all 

Iconers from Europe as I assume many from Europe will come to Sweden and see her.

So I am confused why no Iconers from Europe see my  post here.

Or are the most people who will see her in Sweden not here at Madonna Icon and then why?








!5 July

I feel stupid,, I sit at a cafe with Iphone as a modem and my laptop

My neighbores were awful and I could not sleep. I almost wanted to strangle them but instead i listened to Madonna Hung Up

And then my anger blew away





15 july

Today it is fine weather.

I do not write my ordinary blog so I use this one for the moment.

I still have the problem understand how it function

what is RSS feeds?

Are everyone allowed to be on board without being member


Love and take care














I am Elizabeth Fagerlund at Facebook

Please if you want add me here


I find it a bit complicated here as instructions are not so easy for me who has Swedish as first language

I got very very good friends at Icon so i hope I get to know more here




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