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  1. hugs and Love from ur cali boy!

  2. Wish a winderful week to my icon friend

  3. Hello love!!! Have a great week!

    xoxo gabe

  4. i love your profile photos

  5. Here again!!Paying member

    I think you know me,, Lizzie from Sweden

  6. Madonna sing about her father I have to say goodbye to my father 16 of April Please forgive your parents Love themThey did their best,,, most of them
  7. Wish to hear Madonna sing for my father My father dead at Sunday My father i never got close to But the father I am so alike My tears. My longing after his love I saw him dead Pale dead but did not dared to kiss him goodbye I love him Oh my father
  8. what a surprice!!To have Madonna at Iphone!!Free!Even it is not easy to get into Madonna Icon there Anyway it is wow!! i wonder how many here at icon who have Iphone? Lol
  9. Sweden and part of Europe and Us have snow tooooo much Coldness I call it Snowblues or Snowhiphop I wish Madonna could make a song so we can survive thid weather Madonna sing Throw snow Celebrate Rock Provoke Give us a Tour Madonna give us a snow rock song
  10. I know noone will read this and if people read it people will hate what I write. I know people leave Icon and I wish people would stay instead but we know it is hard to change the problems here. Many people have not still go the gift they have payed for. And many other things. The atmosphere is not the best We all love Madonna I wish we could show a great Icon also but is that only a dream?
  11. elizabeth1


    Winter, and Christmas,, Lovely or not, Cold and warm clothes,, Here I became surpriced to see the sun and blue sky Wow!!I have forgotten how sun looks alike Maybe I must put on a hot Madonna song to make feel hot
  12. It is a great feeling to have my Iphone with music of Madonna in my ears and train and feel the body working great and hear Madonna sing Like it or not!Wow !The moments of daily happiness
  13. elizabeth1


    Darkness but light in our hearts!Even no Madonna tour to look forward too We have to hold our hands and sing ourselves!
  14. elizabeth1


    Paris Vogue Madonna
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