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Hi I just got my tickets for Brooklyn NY! 
I’m so excited! I’m already going to 2 nights in Boston.  But I’m close enough to Brooklyn  fortunately.  This time no vip for me. Too expensive unfortunately.  I have 2 vips for Boston.  I  Just wanted to share that.

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Madonna Brooklyn New York opening night

So I just saw Madonna on opening night of the USA  leg  this past Wednesday. Madonna  didn’t start until around 11.  But I didn’t mind because I had the next day off.  Great show! I’m not from NY but I’m close enough. I can’t wait until both nights in my closest city of Boston Massachusetts!  I have vip for the 2 nights in Boston, which I’m more excited to see Madonna in Boston, than NY. I’ve never been to opening night before. I’m glad that the east coast is getting Madonna first.  They  cancel

Barclays center 40/40 club

Hi I was looking at my tickets on Ticketmaster, and it says on my Brooklyn ticket page that I have an offer to go to the 40/40 club for the night of Madonna, dec 13.  Has anyone been there?  It says that it’s an exclusive  offer.  Does anyone know if it’s because of my seat location, or because I have Citi preferred tickets? Did anyone else get that offer?
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