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I'm so disappointed from Madonna Store, I got Madame X Vinyl about a month ago, and I paid almost $100 but I received two same vinyl, two same sides, so there was no side C and Side D , I received two side A and B. I sent almost 10 emails to the Merch but haven't received any responses . Looks like they don't care...
I received Madame X Vinyl but you sent me two same Vinyl, so there is no side C and side D, I have two same Vinyl with side A and side B. My order number is: 18538
Would you please send me side C and side D.
I paid almost $100 and I got two same vinyl and I am so disappointed now. 
Never ever buy anything from Madonna Store! 

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Madonna Store sucks

I ordered Madame X Vinyl about 3 months ago, after a month I received only side A and side B, there was no side C & D. I paid almost $100 for that and sent too many emails to Madonna Store and Madonna Merchandise but no answer from them, they don't care about it and ignored all my messages, I am so disappointed, never ever order anything from Madonna Store . very unprofessional. PLEASE DON'T ORDER FROM Madonna Store! 



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