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Mystic Rhythms

Round the Flesh of Words,

Touch the Soul

Reflecting Universal Splendor,

Hopefully Poetic Vision









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Peace on the Blue Planet

May the delicate seasonal beauty take flight, Penetrate window, door, and, with sleight Of hand, carve intricate chimney patterns so rare That they awaken, astonish, their simplicity Bare  Truth in Natural cape, a Truth no dictator dare lame, Cast, defeated, underground enchained, Nay through the untold hours of dearth, A piece of peace places thrones on Earth, And scattered thus, vision germinates While curious hare, white peacock circulate.   MG



A Thanksgiving Meditation

A Thanksgiving Meditation I gaze within the soup and find The tough reality and rind Of squash and ginger, onion skin And celery, sliced fine, sliced thin To spice the diced and chronic thoughts That boil and simmer, never lost Within my heart and stomach, mind That search for reasons lawyers bind To depositions to present in court Before the world, which could not abort The catastrophic video played And played and still relayed Ar



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