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I'm not trying to dig into your pockets, Madonna, but I still feel as though justice has been denied.  I would like a settlement for the lobotomy, the one you feature in "A Bedtime Story."  It shows some poor people going through the abuse.  I tried to get Putin to compensate me, but he is difficult and cruel.  As far as the lobotomy goes, the hunting , the nonsense, why?  If your cure is so good, why can't you sell it?  You left me for 8.5 months with a headache and now I have subcortical pathology.  For all of that, and you can reach Putin where   I can't if you think he should pay, too.   What happened to me was wrong.   All I want for all of that, and it will come to light, is five million dollars (after taxes).  Please don't use crowd hate against me like Putin did.  

I used to be really immature.  I won't whine about why, but what happened to me was inhumane.  I'm going to have a nice garden and chill in my house.  

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Master Trump and the Dalai Slave Lord

Do you like him being your master?  Imagine how I feel when I have to work since I'm low skilled and now disabled.  I'm ripped apart. I don't you see how wrong you've been.  Let go of your ego and admit it.  Either we set up clinics, as I believe mind editing is the future of the human race like braces, or we let sociopaths take over and make us all flesh robots as featured on "Nothing Really Matters."  What kind of world do you want?  Don't let Vladi win either.  Say this loud with your voice.



The Lobotomy

Madonna, I'm not trying to dig into your pockets, but you, along with the weapons and attention, caused me a bit of brain damage.  I don't think being immature deserved that.  All I want is five million dollars (after taxes).  I tried to get Putin, too, but he hid from me.  If these cures work so well, why not setup clinics. I think I'm being fair.   Hopefully, you're not afraid to mention me.  As for namedropping you, I will say leave my mind alone then.  



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