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    Singer/songwriter, music video production, sports, exercise and fundraising to fight COVID – 19.
  1. Artist Fighting Back:

    Like so many artists doing whatever they can to support the fight against COVID – 19, I recently took the initiative to release 4 music video's as fundraisers for both the Canadian and American Red Cross. The music in the vids are basically covers performed by a group of talented locals including yours truly.  Knowing that the original artists, or whoever owns the rights to their music, would most likely be onside with the use of their song as a fundraiser, I saw this as an opportunity to re-write the lyrics and have some fun with a few of my favourite tunes from way back.  Check the links below for "I Want To Wash Your Hands 4K" (original song "I Want To Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles, "Virus Fighting Nation" (original song "Crystal Blue Persuasion" by Tommy James and the Shondells) and "I Was So Blind"  (original song "Draggin the Line" also by Tommy James and the Shondells). After publication I was thrilled to receive a very supportive email from both Tommy James and his producer Carol Ross.  How cool is that for this cattt (lol)?  

    A Little History:

    At one time I worked with this very dynamic lady Kim Toth – we were both employed by the Canadian Federal Public Service and since then we have become good friends.  For most of Kim's career she supported the United Way Charity Campaign in many different and creative ways.  Kim often hosted and always performed at an annual benefit concert doing hilarious lip sink performances of famous musicians of either sex.  Several weeks ago Kiim called me up and asked me to film her acting to the best party tune of all time "Holiday" by Madonna for a closed loop virtual concert to raise money for the United Way at work. Helping Kim out was a natural for me and we had such a great time working together again.  Post filming Kim and I decided that we would publish this very funny music video as a fundraiser for both the Canadian and American Red Cross on Youtube "TOMCATTTMUSIC". So please check out "Holiday by Kimbalyn Babylove 4K – Canadian & American Red Cross Charitable Campaign" (link below).  

    Where We Are At:

    Although not likely, I am hopeful that this post finds it's way to Madonna because I want to personally thank her (thank you, thank you, thank you) for the use of her song as a fundraiser for two of the very best charitable organizations in both our respective countries!  If anyone is in a position to donate please do so, if not would you kindly take the time to share?  In the face of this global war against such a hard to control and invisible enemy, wouldn't you agree that that old adage "sharing is caring" is more meaningful now than ever?

    Collectively I believe that we can make a difference!    

    Thank You,

    Thomas Patton

    AKA: TomCattt



    *Holiday by Kimbalyn Babylove 4K – Canadian & American Red Cross Charitable Campaign 


    *I Was So Blind 4K by TomCattt, Brother Daniel, Big D and Kent Dale – Fundraiser CAN and US Red Cross


    *Virus Fighting Nation 2.7K - Fundraiser for the Canadian and American Red Cross


    *I Want To Wash Your Hands 4K - Fundraiser for the Canadian and American Red Cross



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